Never in history has a government fought so hard against its own country’s culture

Liberals: Britain’s Traitors

The traditional political parties in the UK are the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties. On key issues such as the European Union, uncontrolled mass immigration and the threat of Islam, it has been proven that they all have ineffective liberal policies, act without mandates and do not listen to the consensus of the British public.

Due to the government’s apparent will to destroy Britain’s own sovereignty, disregard British culture and crush the spirit of the British people, a number of different patriotic organisations have tried to resist this from happening.  For example, to name but a few, theUK Independence Party aims to primarily give Britain an in/out EU referendum; Liberty GBaims to address “mass immigration from the Third World, the steady rise of fundamentalist Islam and the hijacking of traditional British culture and institutions by well-organised left-wing ‘progressives’ …”; and the English Defence League, who makes a stand against ‘Islamisation’ (which includes the encroachment of Shari’a Law and unacceptable behaviour by some Muslims, such as street grooming gangs that target vulnerable young British girls for sexual exploitation.) UKIP, Liberty GB and the EDL are all pro-democracy, pro-freedom of speech, pro-human rights and are inclusive.

It is heartbreaking to think of the previous generations that have fought and died defending our country, to see the nation being ‘Islamised’, buckle under uncontrolled mass immigration, have foreign cultures imposed on us and our sovereignty tossed aside. It is also really soul-destroying to see ‘liberals’ who want Britain to degenerate as far as possible and will pursue any means to make this happen.

Liberal Politicians

A common ploy played by advocates of multiculturalism is to say that Britain has no culture, identity or history to be proud of. For example, Bonnie Greer unburdened herself on Newsnight“There’s always this failsafe, spoken or unspoken, that there is a British identity. That’s always interesting to me. I think one of the geniuses of the British —of being British — is that there isn’t this sort of rock-solid definition of identity that an American has.”

Britain is certainly losing its culture and identity as a result of uncontrolled mass immigration, but to deny our culture and identity that has evolved over centuries is not only incorrect, but also offensive. Would it be acceptable to deny any other country of having culture, apart from European countries?

Another tactic is to say that there are no indigenous Britons, because we are a ‘Nation of Immigrants’. This statement been repeated numerous times by politicians and the media, but this is simply not true. Since 1066 until the end of WW2, 250,000 immigrants arrived in the UK, and importantly, all those immigrants had assimilated. Whereas around 8 million immigrants have arrived since 1997 alone, many of whom cannot speak English and had no background checks undertaken.

However, socialists and multiculturalists will use the ‘Nation of Immigrants’ mantra to defend multiculturalism and enforce ‘Cultural Marxism’. Most Brits are not racist but are rightfully concerned at the volume of uncontrolled immigration and the impact it has had on their communities and culture. It is therefore so very ironic that liberals who define dissenters as being ‘racist’, are themselves obsessed with race and loathe other white people, especially the white working class that liberals used to champion, because multiculturalism is social engineering with the intent to diminish the host nation’s culture. Virtually all the mainstream media toe the line, as Douglas Murray highlights in this example:

“In 2006 Channel 4 took enormous delight in taking a group of white British people whom it clearly believed were racists — including Norman Tebbit — and doing DNA tests on them for a documentary, 100% English?  These were used to prove that all were in fact “foreigners”. Nobody would be so rude as to do this to any other group of people. But with British people, different rules of engagement were deemed to apply. There existed an apparent desire to deny the British — alone of all people — an identity. In the absence of any ability to manage immigration, this is how our public figures have dealt with the issue.”

Paul Weston of Liberty GB stated Tony Blair denied white British people being able to declare themselves as indigenous under UN guidelines because: “The UN declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples states every indigenous individual has a right to a nationality. Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture.”

The double standards arise when liberals will champion the indigenous rights and culture of anyone who is not white.

Bus After Islam (See the Ad?)
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Bus After Islam (See the Ad?)

For example, there’s no call for Saudi Arabia to become a multicultural society, or reaching out and telling the Muslim world to stop persecuting and killing minorities. Most liberals are anti-American and will oppose any actions or decisions the US makes and are also anti-Semitic by nature and would like to see Israel replaced on the map by Palestine. The fact that Israel has been the Jewish homeland for thousands of years is of no relevance to these closet bigots and racists. UAF’s Joint Secretary, Weyman Bennett, once said that Jews “should go back to where they came from… New York or wherever.” But clearly not Israel according to ‘anti-racist’ Bennett!

Conservative MP Priti Patel said: “As the daughter of immigrants, there is no question that those who work hard and make a positive contribution do enrich the fabric of our society. But what Tony Blair has failed to recognise is that while he was in power, he opened the floodgates of mass and uncontrolled immigration which has left a damaging legacy in our towns and cities.”

However Blair is unremorseful, and his plan backfired. He hoped immigrants would vote for Labour, but he alienated the traditional working class that voted for Labour in the process.Even the UN migration chief, Peter Sutherland, said EU should ‘undermine national homogeneity’ and promote multiculturalism. This is a burning desire by champagne socialists to deconstruct our Western societies based on Judeo-Christian values.

It came as no surprise recently when Labour’s Diane Abbott said Labour leader Ed Miliband should ignore the opinion polls and consensus of Brits and let even more migrants enter the UK. No logic for this argument other than Abbott’s usual disdain for Britain and to make ‘Britain less British’.

The Great Unwashed: Liberal Rent-a-Mobs

I saw a tweet recently that said: “Liberals are so open minded their brains have fallen out.” It’s no laughing matter though unfortunately, because thanks to the political elite and the mainstream media, we have a liberal class that helps facilitate and support the destruction of British culture. Predominately white, middle-class, self-indulgent and arrogant, these liberals are hell-bent on deviant practices replacing conservative, traditional values.

No one particularly opposes liberals having their own views under freedom of speech, but liberals behave like petulant children when dissenters do not agree that British culture is inferior compared to oppressive

cultures like supremacist, fascist Islam. Try debating with liberals and expect deflecting tactics of spelling and grammar advice, never get a straight answer or outright lies! That is if you are lucky and not shouted down and threatened with violence because liberals do not advocate freedom of speech. Imagine, for example, the sheer audacity of ‘Unite against Fascism’ claiming to be ‘anti-fascist’, but whining when dissenting views of the EDL are aired on the BBC for a change!

Despite typically being secular or anti-religion, liberals only actually want to remove Christianity and Judaism from public life and encourage other religions to flourish, especially Islam, which will now be taught to schoolchildren. However Islam is more than just a religion because it is totalitarian and has political aspects that impose its will upon others. Islamists are desperate to have worldwide blasphemy laws enforced to protect Islam, because the ideology of Islam cannot stand up to scrutiny and facts. Voltaire famously said: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” This is what Islamists want to enact.

This hypocritical Leftist/Islamist alliance is baffling, and socialists contradict their own principles by happily ignoring Qur’an-sanctioned misogyny, wife-beating, homophobia, etc, to have an ally in the Marxist class struggle against the ‘evil’ capitalist state. Marxists are right in the sense that Islam is deviant and will try to destroy British values from within, butIslam being liberals’ ally? Islam is a vile predator trying to fill the spiritual void, and these Marxists would be the first against the wall should the Islamists prevail! How anyone can gauge a situation so wrongly beggars belief; the liberal world view is totally devoid of reality and morals!

Hypocrisy is a recurring theme because liberals twist the argument to race wherever possible. However the majority of people with conservative views aren’t ‘racist’ but merely concerned about maintaining our unifying culture and the threat of Islamisation. Another irony is that most liberals live in affluent white enclaves, far away from the multicultural ‘utopia’. The phenomenon of ‘white flight’ passes liberals by. (Example: over 600,000 Brits left London in one decade to escape the colonization multiculturalism they facilitated.)

The stupidity of liberals’ actions is arrogance personified. They cannot see the glaringly obvious that Muslims will, if they gain enough strength through stealth methods and population growth, eventually demand Shari’a Law to end living under our own laws.

Liberals are always the least informed about Islam and would not last five minutes in somewhere like Iran, Pakistan or Somalia, but feel we must import Islam’s intolerance and hate and have Islam’s deviant culture imposed upon us. Liberals feel Britain deserves its demise through multiculturalism because of its imperialist past and involvement in the slave trade, but do not imply this same logic to Muslim countries. Islam has caused over 270 million deaths, and the Arab slave trade was on a much vaster scale, for a longer period of time and exists to this day.

Islam’s Useful Idiots

Liberal Nick Lowles of ‘Hope not Hate’ likes to say ‘we are the many’ (‘we’ being HnH, I presume?), implying he has the backing of the nation. However all the opinion polls will tell you otherwise because the overwhelming majority of Brits want to leave the EU immediately, want immigration levels drastically reduced and correctly fear Islam. Self-styled useful idiots like Lowles cry ‘Islamophobia’ and hoodwink politically correct politicians and ‘celebrities’ into believing they are fighting ‘racism’ and ‘bigotry’ by becoming signatories, but in reality they have effectively aligned with the Marxist class struggle! Any opposition to Islamofascism or hate preachers is virtually non-existent.

Experts on Islam Dhimmis like Russell Brand thought he had the measure of ‘The Religion of Peace’ after Lee Rigby was murdered by Muslims in Woolwich, but like politicians David Cameron and Nick Clegg, Brand is just another deluded, useful idiot desperate for a politically correct ‘gold star’. Devoid of facts, Brand is comfortable berating counter-jihadistsand exonerating Islam after fanatics chop heads off, but he had an awkward moment when his ‘comedy’ tour to the Mid East was banned because of security fears for his safety.

Rather than defending the oppressors, celebrities should demand women’s rights but instead turn their back on Islam’s treatment of women by remaining silent about FGM orchild marriage. Liberals will simply call opponents to these evils ‘Islamophobes’.

The epitome of the self-righteous left is ‘Unite against Fascism’, which Paul Austin Murphy describes:

UAF is a front group for the Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP), which is a Trotskyist revolutionary group that used to severely patronise the British working class until Muslims, in large numbers, came on the British scene. Now it feeds off potential Muslim radicalism at the same time as wanting – or expecting – Muslims to turn into Marxist revolutionaries as some kind of payback for their condescension and political help. Can you believe that?”

Delve into the swamp of the SWP and UAF, and you will find some disturbing characters, like Azad Ali, the Vice Chair of UAF. Ali is pro-Shari’a, an admirer of extremists, praised the death of British and American troops, etc. A perfect picture book example of an ‘anti-fascist’! Or how about the SWP National Secretary/UAF storm-trooper Martin Smith, who aside from violence was accused of numerous rapes, but rather than involve the police, the SWP held their own kangaroo court which ‘cleared’ himSmith did finally resign, which now means the SWP has no ‘power to investigate’ further, but this does not help the alleged victims.

So who wants to live a murky, depraved lefty world? I don’t! As Paul Weston of Liberty GB said in the “My name is Paul Weston, and I am a racist” video, everyone who stands up for British culture may be called ‘racist’, but what’s worse- being given an incorrect and meaningless label- or letting the ‘fascists’ and ‘racists’ destroy Britain?

I know it isn’t easy to make a stand in politically correct Britain, but we can all help the ‘fight back’ in one way or another. We owe it to our forefathers and future generations to at least try. Our grandchildren will thank us, we will be vindicated, and the liberalism destroying our nation will be defeated.

By: Paul Wilkinson

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