Why do Socialist Liberals Hate Putin?

russia-vladimir-putin-church Socialist and Liberals alike hate Putin because he promotes free enterprise.

“In the 20th century, the Soviet Union made the state’s role absolute. In the long run, this made the Soviet economy totally uncompetitive. This lesson cost us dearly. I am sure nobody wants to see it repeated.” – Vladimir Putin


 “The unjustified swelling of the budgetary deficit and the accumulation of public debts are just as destructive as adventurous stock-jobbing.” – Vladimir Putin


 “Look at their (America’s) trade balance, their debt, and budget. They turn on the printing press and flood  the whole world with government bonds. There is no way we will act this way…. We don’t have the luxury of such hooliganism.” -Vladimir Putin
Lenin statue
Communist do not like Putin because the new Anti-Communist Russian lawmakers are  destroying all statues of Lenin.

Atheist hate Putin because he defends Christianity. (and other religions)

“This holiday (Easter) shows just how important national traditions and spiritual values are for our people. The state will continue to provide all possible support to the Church aimed at the enlightenment and moral education of Russian citizens.”
-Vladimir Putin (Speech at Christ the Savior Cathedral, 2008)
“Orthodox Christianity has always played a special role in shaping our statehood, our culture, our morals. The Church may be seperate from the State. But in the soul and history of our people, it is all together. It always has been and always will be.” – Vladimir Putin

Degenerates (not Ellen) hate Putin because he has instituted Compulsory Morality and Ethics Education.

“In order for Russia to be a strong and sovereign country, there must be more of us and we must be better in morality, in our competences, our work and our creativity.” -Vladimir Putin

Militant Homosexuals hate Putin because Russia protects its Children and the traditional family, Russia has banned “GAY” pride parades for 100 years.

Leftist Feminist hate Putin because he defends the unborn.

Anti-Family liberals hate Putin because Russia now has a growing birth rate.(The US & Europe have declining birth rates!)

“We are determined to use any means to strengthen positive demographic tendencies (birth rates). …We need to to save the people of Russia.” -Vladimir Putin
“It is important that families make that step (of having a third child). I am convinced that the norm in Russia should become a family with three children.” -Vladimir Putin

obamas middle eastLiberals hate Putin because he is against Obama radicalizing the Middle East and offered a peaceful resolution to the Syrian crisis overs Obama rush to war.

Globalist hate Putin because he is against a one world government.

“Some people are constantly insisting on the necessity to divide up our country and are trying to spread this theory. …There are those who would like to build a unipolar world, who would themselves like to rule all of humanity.” -Vladimir Putin

There is a reason 70% of the Russian love Putin, these are facts the American media will never tell you about Vladimir Putin. Putin is not perfect, far from it! But he is much better than the clown sitting in the Whitehouse right now!

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  1. “…Globalist hate Putin because he is against a one world government…”

    I’ve already figured that out on my own. It’s not about liberals or being politically correct at the olympics per se but something deeper. The American media is making it seem that Russia devoured Crimea against it’s will when I believe that 95% WANTED to align with Russia. The media here doesn’t break down that dynamic enough and explore it. I’m sick of all the biased informing. Russia sees what’s happening in the West and don’t want any part of that bureaucracy. I can’t believe this is the same country I grew up in.

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  2. Me and my dad are both died in the wool socialists, and we’ve always thought Putin was the highest class world leader on the stage – so it’s definitely not true to say socialists hate Putin. I dont get where you are getting that from at all.

    But you’re right about him towering over anything the clowns from Washington can spit out. He is clearly in a class of his own on the world stage, not another world leader comes close to the way he is looking after Russian interests. By and large, Russia havent had to go around invading a shitload of countries in order to secure for his people, he’s found the solutions from inside.

    This makes him instantly more likeable than any president America can spit out (and it doesn’t matter which one) because the current American economy is a war economy that depends on war. Any president of a country like that is going to be instantly unpopular.

    The secret is, it’s your outlook on the world that is hated, not your presidents. Your presidents have to work from a stance of having two hands tied to their balls.

    Improve your outlook, stop invading places for your own gain, start providing your solutions from within your own borders like Putin did and you might find your part of the world shining again, instead of being covered in green, slimey shit, which is what you people have covered yourselves in morally speaking.

    So I’ll make the point again – I’m a socialist – does it sound like I hate Vladimir Putin?

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