Obama Hoping America’s Economy Crashes Due to Shutdown

President Barack Obama said on Wednesday that he is “exasperated” by the government shutdown but announced that he would negotiate with the Republicans until they pass an extension of funding to reopen it.

“If we get in a habit where a few folks, an extremist wing of one party – whether it’s Democrat or Republican — are allowed to extort concessions based on a threat of undermining the full, faith and credit of the United States, then any president who comes after me… will find themselves unable to govern effectively,” he added.

“And that is not something I’m going to allow to happen,” declared Obama.

Asked about Wall Street’s relatively calm reaction to the crisis in the nation’s capital, Obama said it was out of step with the reality of the situation.

Obama on the current shutdown and impasse:

“I think this time’s different.  I think they should be concerned.”

Why would Obama unduly encourage Wall Street to be concerned?  Is he hoping to incite panic?

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