Obamacare in Action: This Man’s Premiums Are Going Up 61 Percent

Higher insurance premiums are just one side effect of Obamacare, but many Americans are finding out that they will also be paying for benefits that they do not need.

Tom Gialanella recently received a letter from his insurance company explaining what will change when Obamacare takes effect—his premiums are going up 61 percent.

“I went from $891 a month to $1,437 a month, and also, my deductibles all doubled,” Gialanella said.

For a family of five, Gialanella’s current deductible would double from $4,000 a year to $8,000 a year—and, as Fox News’s Jim Angle said, “that’s for the least expensive option under Obamacare.”

Gialanella said that in addition to being more expensive, his plan includes maternity and newborn care, which he doesn’t need.

“My wife is 58 years old, and our youngest child is soon to be 18. We’ll be having no more children. That’s not a benefit that we would ever purchase nor need or be able to use.”

According to a poll cited by Fox News, 52 percent of Americans say that their families are better off with their current insurance rather than the new law.

Angle reported that “54 percent of those asked would like to see all or part of the law repealed, while a healthy majority of people prefer the old system to Obamacare.”

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