VIDEO: There’s no racist like a liberal racist

[youtube vz4PjxSmtoI nolink]


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  1. “Soft” racism is insidious, and it ultimately reveals white Liberals’ arrogance and their bigotry against everyone who isn’t “one of them.”

    Sadly, people of color who are in power positions have internalized white Liberal “soft” racism, not realizing that they’re helping the arrogant white Liberal class redistribute middle-class wealth and power to the world’s corrupt politicians, the wealthy, and to international corporations that are loyal to no country (and want one-world currency so that they don’t lose profits on currency exchange rates and want one-world government so that they can more easily and cheaply buy off politicians).

    I’ve witnessed firsthand how “soft” racism destroys the dreams, independence, and ultimately the livelihoods and the lives of people of color.

    Now we’re all witnessing the end game of the Liberals’ using “soft” racism to destroy what used to be the world’s strongest countries.

    Ironically, the Liberals will run into a steel wall of bigotry and racism: China. When China is the top superpower, what will the Chinese government do with the arrogant, racist Liberals who’ve pissed away wealth and power in order to divide and destroy their own countries?

    Ironically, none of the countries destroyed by Liberals will be able to save them from the Chinese government’s tyranny.

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