A Rare Look at Hezbollah’s School System

October 21, 2013 15:45

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Ever wonder what Hezbollah’s educational system is like? Educators will be shaken by what reporter Thanassis Cambanis found. He writes in the Financial Times (click via Google News):

Mahdi schools are expected to turn out competitive, well-trained students who are also loyal to Hizbollah’s resistance ideology and can staff the organisation’s many institutions.

“Our strategy is to take care of the human cadre,” Mustafa al-Qasir, the head of the system, said at the event . . .

“Their mission statement talks about ‘education and indoctrination’. It’s a bit worrying,” Ms Shuayb says, pointing out that, in Arabic, “indoctrination” is the same word as “to fill up a bottle”.

Source material can be found at this site.

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