So You Want to Annul the Oslo Accords?

October 23, 2013 13:51

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1. The Toronto Transit Commission put a red light on an anti-Israel ad campaign on buses and subways. A spokesman told the JTA the commission considered the ads misleading:

“Our legal opinion,” Ross said, “is that there has never been a finding by any international court or tribunal with respect to the illegality of loss of land, and by making that statement, it potentially could cause discrimination or advocate hate towards a specified group, in this case Israelis and/or the Jewish people.”

Ross said the four ads contained similar language, maps and the line “illegal under international law.” He said “the real legal issue” for the transit commission “was a statement that we determined to be either inaccurate or misleading.”

Here’s the ad:

CJPME advertisement
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2. Israel-Turkey ties continue unraveling. Ankara’s intelligence chief is going to recommend cancelling agreements allowing Mossad agents to work on Turkish soil. But with the way Turkey deliberately exposed Israeli spying in Iran, it’ll be a long time till the Mossad thinks about partnering with the Turks on anything. Times of Israel coverage.

3. Ali Jarbawi has some frank words for Palestinians who want annul the Oslo Accords. He writes in the NY Times:

If those calling for the cancellation of Oslo were serious and not just engaging in political sloganeering, then they should, logically, also be asking for the dismantlement of the Palestinian Authority. But because growing numbers of Palestinians are becoming financially dependent on the Authority for salaries and for services, and because so many people are benefiting from its existence, the Authority is now considered by many to be a “national achievement” that should be preserved . . .

If the majority of Palestinians want the Authority to survive, then they should accept that it will perform the task of negotiating.

Source material can be found at this site.

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