Netanyahu: Refusal to Recognize Jewish State is Root of Conflict

In cabinet meeting this morning (Sunday), Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reiterated the importance of international recognition of Israel as a Jewish state in helping bring peace to the Middle East, as part of remarks commemorating the 96th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.

netanyahun 7“The declaration championed the rights for the Jewish nation to have a national home in the Land of Israel,” Netanyahu stated. “There is no doubt that the international recognition of the right to a Jewish homeland and its historical significance is fundamental. Its refusal is the root of conflict” in the Middle East.

Netanyahu clarified in an address directed to the Palestinian Arabs that in order to ensure “peace between us and our neighbors, the Palestinians, you must recognize the right of the Jewish people to live in their own State, in their own national and historical homeland. What this means is that they must recognize this arrangement as a permanent one, and to lift Palestinian national demands – for a Right of Return or for the formation of any other state.”

The Prime Minister also added a second condition: security for the Jewish people and a Jewish State. “Security arrangements are important to us, and they obviously cover a wide range of needs, but the first among them is to ensure that Israel’s [Eastern] border remains along the banks of the Jordan river.”

Netanyahu’s declaration stresses the importance of maintaining Israeli control over the Jordan valley, a strategic military presence which could potentially be the key to regional security, even in the event of a “two-state solution”. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, in a statement last week, threatened that peace talks would “collapse” if Israel insisted on keeping the stretch of land, a condition with the Palestinian Authority alleges it will never be able to accept.

Regarding Iran, Netanyahu denounced “those that call for our destruction”, especially Iran. “Iran continues to build nuclear weapons, and it has not changed its target,” the PM stated. “The method [of obtaining nuclear weapons], perhaps – but not the target, nor their ideology. I direct your attention to the fact that tomorrow will be the day Iran commemorates the 34th anniversary of the current regime’s control over the American embassy in Tehran – they call it ‘Death to America Day’.”

Addressing the international comunity, the PM continued: “This makes it clear that what you must do is to keep pressuring the Iranian regime. The pressure to bring them to the international negotiating table, I believe [. . .] will cause them to abandon their building nuclear weapons. If not under pressure, Iran will advance their goals. We are obligated to ensure that this death wish is not fulfilled.”

Iran has faced increased pressure over recent weeks to change or abandon its nuclear weapons program, with mixed results. While some UN watchdog organizations have reported increased willingness from Iran to take part in international debates about the issue, Ayatollah Khamenei released a statement just this morning denouncing Israel as a “bastard” regime.

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  1. The “refusal to recognize Jewish state is root of conflict”?

    What about the refusal to recognize the Palestinian state? Or even both states? Such bigotry is the root of the conflict. Why does Netanyahu need to blame and condemn the Semites while making this a hypocritical and bigoted “Jew” thing?

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    • Israel has been trying to broker peace with the Palestinians and has made concession after concession to them toward this end. Israel gave up Gaza for peace and the Palestinians use it as a base of operations from which to attack Israel.

      It is as simple as this:

      If the Palestinians lay down their arms, there would be peace with Israel. If Israel lays down its arms, Israel would be destroyed.

      The Palestinians have stated on many occasions that they will not stop until Israel is driven into the sea. They also will not allow any Jewish Israeli citizen to live in a new Palestinian state while Israel currently has a large Palestinian population living within Israel.

      The issue here is that the Palestinians will not stop until there is no more Israel and that is why they will not acknowledge a Jewish state.

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      • You write that Israel has been “trying to broker peace” by expanding illegal settlememts into the nation of Palestine. What you did not write is that Palestine has been “trying to broker peace” witout expanding illegal Settlements into the Nation of Israel. Can your statement be any less bigoted?

        You want for only Palestinian Semites to “lay down their arms”. To not be anti-Semite, you’d have to demand for all parties to “lay down their arms”. Why do you honor such bigotry? You attack the Semites with anti-Semite hatred, but isn’t it Israel who is expanding into the other? How do you define “destroyed”?

        All Semite “Palestinians have stated on many occasions that they will not stop until Israel is driven into the sea”? You Sound like a Nazi accusing Jews of being rich Bankers. Is it not possible for your generalizations to be any less anti-Semite?

        It is not true that “not allow any Jewish Israeli citizen”. Facts on the table demonstrate otherwise, but I recognize your Settlement expansion need for the Semite to be hated. Israel may not yet have ethnically cleansed all of the hated Semites, but there are some Israelis with such interests.

        Instead of endlessly blaming and condemning Semite with such unconditional hatred, what is keeping you from recongizing the Palestinian State?

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        • You have turned anything that has been written into your own clearly biased views against Israel. Either you do not have any knowledge of the root of the Israeli-Arab conflict, you are anti-Semitic, or you are both.

          The Balfour Declaration of 1917 expressed Britain’s intention to establish in Palestine a “national home for the Jewish people,” and the British conquest of Palestine just 37 days later gave it control of Palestine until 1948. It was to divide Palestine into two states (one for the Jewish people and one for the arabs). The arabs’ state was called Jordan. Thus, Jordan IS the Palestinian state.

          Please educate yourself and stop being biased against the truth:

          Abbas will not allow Jews in a new Palestinian state:

          Your comparison with Nazis and Israel is done regularly and can be found here done by Abbas:

          It would appear that you fit within the parameters of this article’s discussion:

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          • I recognize and accept the nations of Palestine and Israel. Thus, I am not bias.

            You do not recongize and accept the nation of Palestine. Thus, your views are bigoted and thus you are in no position to make accusations of bigotry.

            You are the one who attacks Semites with unconditional hatred, and thus you are also in no position to accuse anyone of being anti-Semite. I do not hate any Semites, unlike you. You are the one who blames and condemns the Semites while rejecting the nation of Palestine. As such, anti-Semitism is your best friend. The only reason why you accuse people of being “anti-Semite” is to defend and justify your own racism.

            The Balfour Declaration stated that Semites may not be descriminated against, yet your anti-Semite language excludes some Semites in violation of the Balfour Declaration. Should you be demanding the equal Treatment of Semites if you opposed racism?

            Yet, instead of opposing racism, you advocate ethnic cleansing by seeking to force those Semites into Jordan. Can your statements not be any less anti-Semite?

            The is far from being balanced on the issue. Do you not have a less bias source?

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            • It would appear that you are backpedaling.

              This discussion began because you stated that Netanyahu does not recognize a Palestinian state. He has been at the peace table and does recognize one. You then generalized Jews in your next remark. You are clearly biased against Jewish people. You cannot have a second Palestinian state without there being acceptance of the Jewish people in the Israel homeland.

              No one here has denied a second Palestinian state. It was only pointed out that the first Palestinian state was Jordan. You continue to twist the words to fit your needs, yet your very argument shows your bias against Israel. The Balfour Declaration did establish a Palestinian state and a Jewish state, yet the Jewish homeland was denied all the way until 1948 and even then was attacked by neighboring arabs. Your continued debate against this denies thousands of years of history of the Jewish people.

              There is no acceptance of a Jewish homeland by Palestinian leadership. Netanyahu has been clear and correct about this one point. If they cannot accept a Jewish state, how can there be another Palestinian state right next to Israel with a clear vantage point for attack?

              All of the articles sited have been referenced from other news sources. Try actually reading some of them so that you know the history of this conflict before accusing of a bias that does not exist. Go read the articles from the source sites.

              The bias has always been with muslim arabs and the Left.

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              • By stating: “You then generalized Jews”, you have have introduced all Jews to the discussion. By introducing all Jews to the discussion, you are generalizing against all Jews. Generalizing against all Jews means that your position is racist against Jews. Being racist against Jews means that your position is anti-Semite. So, your Position is not only anti-Semite against Palestinian Semites, but against all Semites including Jews.

                By stating: “second Palestinian state”, you recognize that you attack Semites with hatred because you do not recognize and accept the nations of Palestine and Israel. You would rather hate Semites than to recognize and accept both nations.

                If Netanyahu recognizes both nations, then where is his criticism of illegal Settlement expansions?

                The problem is not a Jewish this or that, as your anti-Semite Statements suggest. Rather, the problem is the racism of individuals who attack Semites with anti-Semite hatred instead of recognizing and accepting the nations of Palestine and Israel.

                I recognize and accept the nations of Palestine and Israel, while your arguments endlessly attack Semites with hatred, regardless if they are Jews or Palestinians.

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                • Your argument does not make any logical sense. Look back at your first comment where you used the word Jew in a derogatory fashion. That is not right. You are against Israel or you would not be continuing this debate.

                  Why won’t you read up on the issues and the danger to Israel and the Jewish people before showing your hatred?

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                  • Given that I was criticizing Netanyahu’s statement, Netanyahu was indeed using the word “Jew” in a derogatory fashion, as your response demonstrated. You are totally correct that Netanyahu behaving anti-Semite. The bigot should advocate for the nations of Palestine and Israel to be recognized and accepted instead of bashing on Jews in such a derogatory fashion.

                    I don’t hate anyone. Why do you demand that everyone hates Jews? Can’t you express a single statement without dragging all Jews into every discussion so that you can attack them with hatred? Just because Netanyahu hates Jews, that doesn’t mean that everyone must be like him! Most people would rather recognize and accept both nations than to generalize against Jews like how Netanyahu does so.

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                    • Netanyahu is not a bigot. Israel has the best living environment for arabs within the Middle East. However, Abbas will not allow any Jewish people to live in a new Palestinian state. Abbas is what you would correctly call a bigot.

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                  • If Netanyahu is not a bigot, then why does he not recognize and accept the nations of Palestine and Israel regardless of religion and without dragging all Jews into the topic like a typical anti-Semite? Netanyahu needs to drop his racist Jew-talk and focus on nationality regardless of religion.

                    If Abbas is a bigot, then why are you attacking him about Jews since he talked about Israelis? Abbas stated: “In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli — civilian or soldier — on our lands”

                    In Response to his statement about citizens of Israel (Jews, Arabs, others), you attacked all Jews with anti-Semite hatred. Why can’t you accept that not only Jews live in Israel? Why can’t an individual talk about Israelis, without people like you condemning all Jews? If Israel supposed to be the best living environment for Arabs, then why do you bash on all Jews whenever someone mentions Israel?

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                    • Abbas has said that Jewish people will not be allowed in a new Palestinian state. This is how it is in most muslim majority nations. To deny this implies that you are ignorant of those policies. Again you used the word Jew in a derogatory fashion. Please kindly refrain from doing so.

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                  • You claimed that “Jewish people will not be allowed in a new Palestinian state”, not Abbas. As such, you are responsible for your anti-Semite hatred of Jews, not the Semites that you hate, blame and condemn with racist hatred.

                    If your anti-Semite hatred of Semites was justified, then why has Uri Davis, a Jew, been a member of Fatah since 1984, who was elected to the Revolutionary Council for the Palestinian party in 2009?

                    So, what you are saying is that your personal hatred of Jews is so unconditional that you deny that some Jews are respected members of the Palestinian government!

                    Most Muslim nations don’t hate Jews. Rather, they hate your hatred of Jews. If people like you stopped hating Jews, then fewer Muslims would find criticism of such hatred as being necessary.

                    You are the one who is using the word Jew in a derogatory fashion. So, please kindly refrain from attacking Jews and other Semites with such anti-Semite hatred!

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                    • Your argument is ridiculous and you have been disrespectful in your comments. You have used the word Jew in a derogatory manner from the first comment and have clearly shown your hatred of Israel and the Jewish people. You want Israel to give up its defense so it will be destroyed by muslim nations. Just look what happened in Gaza. The same will happen in Judea and Samaria if Israel gives another state to those who desire Israel’s destruction.

                      Your comments reveal your anti-semitism even if you attempt to hide it.

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                  • Racists consistently state: “Your argument does not make any logical sense”, just like how you did so. This is because racists oppose criticism of racism, just as how you oppose my criticism of racism.

                    In my first comment, I criticized Netanyahu’s derogatory usage word Jew where he dragged all Jews into the topic, just as how you did so too, instead of focusing on accepting the nations of Palestine and Israel. Both you and Netanyahu have the bad habbit of dragging all Jews into every discussion, using the word Jew in a derogatory fashion. Your criticism of my criticism of racism is thus an indirect criticism of your own anti-Semitism. You hate me because I speak out against your racism.

                    I don’t hate anyone. Why do you want for me to hate Jews? Because you hate Jews. If you didn’t hate Jews, then you’d recognize and accept the nations of Palestine and Israel instead of generalizing against all Jews by dragging all Jews into every discussion, just how you did so.

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                    • You are doing exactly what you claim I am doing. You have no documentation to support your bias, so you resort to insults. You are the racist.

                      Why is it so difficult to understand that if Israel is not defended, muslim nations will seek to destroy it as they have been doing. That’s what has been happening throughout history and we should learn from history. Go back and study this so that you can have a better understanding. That is of course if you really are not a racist.

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              • I am not “doing exactly what you claim I am doing”. I recognize and accept the nations of Palestine and Israel with the belief that Jews and Palestinians have the right to be treated equally. This is not what you are doing. You rejected the nations of Palestine and Israel, advocated ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Semites, generalized against all Jews since Abbas spoke about citizens of Israel and you indirectly accused Netanyahu of using the word Jew in a fashion derogatory on the topic of Israeli Arab nationality.

                I have no bias to document, since I’m not a bigot. Your accusations of racism reflect your own personal issues.

                It is unlikely that muslim nations want to destroy anyone. Each nation is ruled by a different identity with different interests and various historical events dispute the claim of any wanting to destroy anything. I’ve studied both sides of the conflict, support and oppose elements on both sides since I am not a racist. I recognize and accept both nations, unlike you.

                So, what can Israel provide to demonstrate that it is not seeking to destroy Palestine? More expanding illegal settlements instead of national recognition since Netanyahu claims that it is a Jew thing by unfairly draggig all Jews into the topic of nationality?

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                • I did none of what you have said I have done. You are not even debating anything that I have discussed.

                  Without insults, can you state how you would defend Israel and keep it secure?

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                  • You wrote: “Thus, Jordan IS the Palestinian state.”

                    This means that you reject the nations of Palestine and Israeli while seeking to ethnically cleanse hated Semites from the nation of Palestine in order to force them into Jordan.

                    You wrote: “You then generalized Jews”

                    This means that you accused Netanyahu of talking about Jews in a derogatory fashion since I criticized Netanyahu for dragging all Jews into a topic about Israeli citizens which includes Arabs.

                    You wrote: “Abbas will not allow Jews in a new Palestinian state”

                    Abbas was talking about citizens of Israel. This means that you talked about Jews in a derogatory fashion.

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                  • The best way to defend Israel and Palestine is to recognize and accept both nations along fair and just borders while discouraging the hatred of Semites and seeking to improve one’s relations with one’s neighbors regardless of religion.

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                    • That is an admirable ambition. However, it is not realistic. That is what Israel strives for and why there is freedom of religion within Israel. However, the muslim leadership of neighboring countries have sought to destroy Israel and continue to do so.

                      Look at what has happened to Gaza. How can Israel assure that if a new Palestinian state is created on Judea and Samaria, that it would not have the same result? It would be too dangerous to even attempt this. The Oslo Accords and Gaza have taught this. Concessions cannot be given or else it makes Israel appear to be weak to its enemies.

                      This is why Netanyahu seeks confirmation from Abbas and Fatah that it would recognize a Jewish state (Israel’s very existence) just as he will recognize a Palestinian state. Abbas has refused to recognize a Jewish state. Thus, Abbas is confirming that he is an enemy of Israel.


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                  • The problem with your platform is that you operate under the theory of the Semite being evil by Default. As such, you operate under the assumption of the Semite problem only being solvable through the Final Solution. Most Semites are Muslims and thus you view the genocide of Muslims as being the only solution for dealing with Semites.

                    It is not true that Semites seek to destroy Israel. Yet, you must believe so since you will not accept that Semites are generally not evil.

                    Gaza demonstrates that Israel is eager and capable of forcing hated Semites to suffer in concentration camps. Naturally, causing Semites to suffer does not promote friendship.

                    The nation of Palestine already exists, is accepted by the world and the only remaining issue is that many Israelis continue to accuse the hated Semite of being evil.

                    Concessions would mean that Israel would be prepared to retreat from the western portion of the Partition Plan. So far, nobody has demanded that from Israel and Israel is unwilling to provide such unrequested concessions.

                    Israel has the right to declare Israel as being a religious nation. Yet, the act of trying to force religious views upon others means that one is not serious about nationality. Such unseriousness about nationality is why the illegal Settlement expansions persist.

                    Abbas unlikely an enemy of Israel. The enemy concept is usually misleading and generally appeases propaganda. With such accusations, Israel is demanding hatred with Semites regardless if such hostility is desired or not.

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                    • Your opinion is flawed because it blames Israel for those attacking it. The attackers have set forth a mandate for Israel’s destruction. You cannot blame Israel for its being attacked simply because it exists and defends itself. Yet that is precisely what you do. Those that attack Israel do so because of their hatred and racism. It really is that simple.

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                    • Both sides attacked the other, both sides have their faults and both sides are to be blamed.

                      Yet, Israel is a nuclear power and thus nobody is going to destroy it. The reason why so many Israelis frequently talk about destruction is because destruction is on their mind. Their mind wants to destroy the nation of Palestine.
                      This is demonstrated with the fact that they reject the nation of Palestine, argue that Semites are evil, advocate ethnic cleansing into Jordan, support illegal Settlement expansions and frequently talk about destruction.

                      The desire to destroy Palestine is the reason why many Israelis argue that Semites are evil.

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                    • Here is an article that you would probably be interested in:




                      The reality is that the Palestinian leadership advocates Israel’s destruction and it can be found within their TV programs.

                      Here is an image from one of their broadcasts showing Mickey Mouse teaching hatred of Israel. They are spreading anti-Jewish hate propaganda on Palestinian children’s programs.

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