More Special Obamacare Treatment — But Not for You

Unions haven’t been able to get special Obamacare subsidies like Members of Congress and their staffs did, but they may not go away empty-handed.

The Obama Administration has indicated it will propose a new regulation that could give many unions a break from one of Obamacare’s new fees. This one hits health plans with a $63 per person charge next year.

But many “self-insured, self-administered” plans would be exempt from this fee in future years, thanks to the new suggested regulation—and that could apply to a lot of union plans.

Labor unions accused Obamacare of “shattering” hard-earned benefits and destroying the foundation of the middle class when they begged earlier this year for special treatment. Instead of advocating relief for all Americans, they merely advocated a carve-out for their members.

Meanwhile, people across the country are seeing their plans canceled or premiums increased. For people shopping in the Obamacare exchanges, premiums are going up in at least 42 states.

While hard-working Americans are suffering, the Administration is nodding to unions that it will give them a little break. Obamacare is not only unworkable and unaffordable—it’s unfair.

As Heritage expert Alyene Senger has said, “Rather than unions or other politically influential groups receiving special treatment, all Americans should get a reprieve from Obamacare and its erroneous consequences.”

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