Collapse of ObamaCare would be a huge setback for the liberal ideology

Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer told Megyn Kelly Wednesday on “The Kelly File” that if ObamaCare self-destructs, it could set back American liberalism for at least a decade.

Krauthammer said that if the problems plaguing the health care law eventually lead to its end, Obama’s  lame-duck status would not be the liberals’ only problem.

“I would say that what’s really at stake here, is that if this thing really goes south, if ObamaCare truly self-destructs, I don’t know that it’s certain but I would say right now it is more than likely, it would really set back American liberalism for a decade at least,” he said.

Krauthammer explained that he believes ObamaCare is the “completion of the entitlement state” that began with the New Deal and the Great Society. If ObamaCare were to collapse, he said, it would “discredit the entire enterprise of the expansion of government, which is at the heart of ‘Obama-ism.’”

“That’s why I think the liberals are running scared,” he said. “It’s not just one election, it’s the whole ideology that the government knows best…”

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