Hate Crime Game called “Knockout”

[youtube 5f8-SF4-cmI nolink]

If any one noticed its all a bunch of hood rat black kids that are doing this! No other race is involved in the actual assaulting of another person! Please be sure to notice all the black kids find a WHITE person to knock out! Why aren’t these black kids facing life in prison for this assault. It could be classified as hate crime.blacks beating up whites

There are 2 deaths already in Syracuse because of this so called game. A 55 yr old man. and recently a 60 yr old man. but in both cases they continued to beat them when they were down. The teenagers in the first case got a slap on the wrist, the case ended up in family court. The recent case the scumbag got manslaughter. And yes in both cases it was blacks, and the victims were white.

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Hate Crime Game called "Knockout", 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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  1. When a few of these black junior gangsters start going to the morgues, DOA, due to the ” armed self-protection game” that is destined to come, they will understand how such a sneak blow to a human skull can kill or paralyze for life.
    That is not a game, these hoods are just revealing their ignorant brutality.
    Obviously, these games are happening in municipalities which ban guns, and such laws will finally force people to carry unlicensed guns. They have a right to walk public streets without their lives being threatened.
    When the odds become dangerous for the perps, they’ll stop playing their “games.”

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  3. I think this has gone far enough. Congress needs to make laws to stop this thug violence.

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