New York Times Photo Outrage

November 14, 2013 20:07

The New York Times‘ story supposedly on the fatal stabbing of Israeli soldier Eden Atias is a graphic illustration of all that is wrong with the newspaper’s Israel coverage.

For starters, it is ten paragraphs down before we even learn the details of the horrific attack on Atias while he slept on a bus in Afula. The majority of the article is devoted, despite the headline “Attack on Israeli Worsens Tensions With Palestinians,” to issues surrounding settlements.

But just to make sure that any notion that an Israeli could be the victim, the NY Times chose this photo to illustrate the story:

Not a photo of Eden Atias. Not a photo of his mother mourning the loss of a son.

We are treated instead to an image of the mother of the terrorist responsible for murdering Eden Atias, presumably mourning the fact that her son is now in Israeli custody.

In the eyes of the New York Times, Israeli victims of terror are mere footnotes to a one-sided narrative of Palestinian suffering and Israeli responsibility for that suffering.

While it was a Palestinian terrorist who carried out this knife attack, trust the New York Times to take its own knife and twist it in the back of the Jewish state.

Source material can be found at this site.

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