Awareness Month for Islamophobia AKA Taqiyya Month

Everyone wants their awareness month these days, and Islam is no exception. As of 2012, Britain has declared November Islamophobia Awareness Month. This comes on the heels of Canada’s Islamic History Month in October. Studying the history of Islam’s conquests, rapes, mass murders, terrorism in general and other violence is actually quite a good idea. If only that were the focus, rather than a “celebration” of the most violent religion on earth.

According to the Muslim Council of Britain, “Islamophobia or anti-Muslim hatred is reaching worrying heights in Britain, across Europe and globally.” This statement is unsubstantiated. Muslim immigration to the UK is on an astronomical scale, Islam has made its way into the public school system, not to mention the existence of government-sponsored Muslim schools, halal food being forced upon non-Muslim British citizens, the increase in the construction of mosques and conversion of churches into mosques, the generous welfare benefits provided to Muslims, which are often abused and are draining the British economy, and the gradual removal of all things religious (such as Christmas decorations) in order to avoid offending Muslims. (The exception is any Muslim religious attire or symbols which are allowed, as Muslims belong to the only religion permitted to be openly observed, even prayers in the streets.) Where pray tell, is the hatred? British society is catering to Islam, not acting out against it.

Any anti-Islamic sentiment is based on the government’s insistence of forcing Islam upon its people, displacing the native population with an economically unsustainable amount of immigrants who refuse to assimilate to any degree whatsoever, are largely out of work and living off the government, thereby providing absolutely no benefit to the nation whatsoever, and who follow a religion which teaches them to hate the very nation which has generously opened its borders and government programs to help them. In fact, the gratitude is so nonexistent, these immigrants parade around the streets demanding the law of the land to be replaced with their own laws, screaming for their rights, attempting to force their religion upon others and calling for anyone who insults them to be decapitated. Yet the police protect them, the government gives them handouts and punishes their native population for being upset about being supplanted by a group of people who are now becoming second, third and fourth generation immigrants (rather than first, second or third generation Brits because with the lack of assimilation, they remain more loyal to their ancestors’ homeland than they do to Britain or any other country in the West where they arrive), a people who follow a religion with a set of values drastically clashing with the traditional Judeo-Christian values that are the moral foundation of the native population.

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Islam4UK Spokesman Anjem Choudary

If Muslims in Britain were being unfairly targeted, this discrimination would have been documented by a project called Tell Mama, which lost its government funding after the realization that there is no threat of Islamophobia. The majority of the so-called “Islamophobia” Tell Mama had found was in the form of online posts on social networks, many of which did not even originate in the UK. There is no institutionalized Islamophobia and very few actual physical attacks, with none of the few documented cases requiring medical attention. Yet an entire month is now dedicated to this imaginary hatred.

Canada also panders to Muslim sensitivities with their Islamic History Month, but Tarek Fatah, a Canadian Muslim, has something to say about that in his article, playfully entitled “History Months for Sale! Limited Supply. Hindus & Sikhs, get your ‘months’ too before them Jews do! “: “… all Octobers in Canada shall be an opportunity for you infidels to learn from my people. Learn about our often bloody history of conquest and enlightenment, including how we Muslims slaughtered our own Prophet Mohammed’s family, right up to modern times when we committed genocides in Bangladesh and Darfur and tried to kill innocent school girls like Malala Yousafzai.”

Mr. Fatah’s final point: “Perhaps one question that should be asked during Islamic History Month is why so many Muslims leave Islamic countries to live among non-Muslims, while so few non-Muslims apply for citizenship in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan or Iran, the triad of countries that runs modern Islamdom?”

There was a rumor that President Obama had declared November National Muslim Appreciation Month, but this was proven false and was based on a satirical piece published by the National Report. It was believable of course as the idea is not far-fetched when so many people get a month to celebrate their roots. In the US, there are Irish, Arab, Jewish, South Asian, Haitian, Asian Pacific, Caribbean, Filipino, Hispanic, Black, American Indian and Alaska Native and Italian American heritage months. Germans get only one day to recognize their heritage. There is also an LGBT History Month as well as a Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, so two months are dedicated to the celebration of homosexuality. Then again, we also have a National Honey Month and, get this, a National Yoga Month, which is, believe it or not, actually a national observance set by the Department of Health and Human Services.

What’s been left out? Well, how about a British American Heritage Month? That should be a biggie, shouldn’t it? After all, who founded the US?

There also is no Christian American month, yet Christians make up the majority. Shouldn’t they have the opportunity to celebrate themselves? Christians are also persecuted around the world, especially in Muslim nations, yet there is no Awareness Month for the Persecuted Christians.

And what about Anti-Semitism Awareness Month? It does not exist. Yet Jews have been persecuted for over two thousand years, and anti-Semitism continues to run rampant all over the world, much more so than any anti-Muslim crimes. Synagogues and Jewish cemeteries are defaced with swastikas, mezuzot are burned, crime waves like the latest in Brooklyn where Jews are targeted, (one example being a 12 year-old boy beaten to the ground as the attackers cheered), or in Europe where Muslim immigrants beat Jews, especially in France where Jewish men can no longer wear a kippah, which is like a strobe light announcing to the world they’re Jewish and therefore attracting Muslim bullies. The anti-Semitism is so bad that most of the French Jewish population has moved to Israel to seek refuge.

November 9 is one day when the international community raises awareness for the anti-Semitism which is on the rise again. In fact, a recent survey of Jews in nine different European countries shows that nearly a quarter of European Jews avoid visiting certain places and wearing things that would identify them as Jewish such as a kippah for fear of anti-Semitism. In Sweden, it was nearly half the Jews surveyed who feared for their safety. More shocking statistics are here.

Yet the Muslim aggressors, who are largely to blame for these anti-Semitic attacks, get a special month, while anti-Jewish hatred is ignored and even applauded in the media when disguised in the form of “anti-Zionism.”

Children behind a barbed wire fence at the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz in Southern Poland.   (Getty Images)
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Children behind a barbed wire fence at the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz in Southern Poland. (Getty Images)

To be fair, there is an eight-day period in the US called the Days of Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust, though most people have never heard of it, and it is specifically about the Holocaust, rather than modern anti-Semitism. There is also an international day of remembrance for the Holocaust, which is important as many anti-Semites like to pretend the atrocities never occurred.

Believe it or not, there is no National Racism Awareness Month, though some groups have a week dedicated to that. The most shocking commemorative week is one on the campus of the University of Washington called White Privilege Awareness Week, where white students are meant to feel ashamed of the color of their skin and guilt-laden for perpetuating racism by the pure inconvenience bestowed upon them of being born white, no matter how they behave. No joke. This week actually exists, though not on a national level, nor is it government-sponsored.

The truth is, apart from that ridiculous leftwing student week, most of these special months, weeks and days are fine. They’re not hurting anyone, and remembering where we came from is important. However, when we immigrate to these nations, a certain amount of assimilation is required. Why else are we here? Assimilation does not necessarily mean a complete loss of ethnicity or roots. Many groups are able to assimilate when out in the world and to personify the rule of “when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” while still maintaining their heritage at home, attending synagogue or temple, wearing traditional garb, eating their traditional food, etc. Jews do not force kosher food on the greater population, and what does it hurt if Hindus wear saris, for example?

People would not be as upset about multiculturalism if Muslims kept their religion and practices to themselves like other groups, although it will always be an issue when their core set of beliefs includes the death and destruction of all things infidel, and all the world is up for grabs as a Muslim conquest. And when there is nothing but contempt from Islam toward the native Western population, as well as an overabundance of immigrants, bleeding the economy dry rather than contributing to its prosperity, and no one working toward a common good with the rest of the nation- well, that is when multiculturalism does not work.

If Muslims were indeed the innocent victims of massive and unprovoked violence, rather than the benefactors of Western governments indulging their every whim and desire, even offending their native population in order to do so, this Islamophobia Awareness might make sense. But an article entitled “Politics of ‘Islamophobia’” puts it all in perspective: “The term ‘Islamophobia’ was invented and promoted in the early 1990s by the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT), a front group of the Muslim Brotherhood. Former IIIT member Abdur-Rahman Muhammad — who was with that organization when the word was formally created, and who has since rejected IIIT’s ideology — now reveals the original intent behind the concept of Islamophobia: ‘This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliché conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.’ In short, in its

very origins, ‘Islamophobia’ was a term designed as a weapon to advance a totalitarian cause by stigmatizing critics and silencing them.”

Keeping this in mind, a national observance of such a month dedicated to an empty word does indeed stigmatize and attempt to silence critics who do not wish to lose their cultural identity, do not wish to be Islamicized, do not wish to replace their way of life with the way of life of the incoming immigrants. It takes away the freedom of speech of those who are worried. Criticizing the government’s inconceivable policies toward an immigrant population which hates the natives, and with a special concern over an ever-increasing homegrown terrorism as a direct result of that uncontrolled immigration, is not hate speech. Pointing out the dangers of a religion which preaches to “kill the infidels,” and we are the infidels, can hardly be deemed hate speech. Shouldn’t “kill the infidels” be classified as hate speech, rather than the criticism of such a statement?

Let’s face it. Islamophobia Awareness Month is nothing more than Taqiyya Month. The biggest champions of Muslim rights are using taqiyya as a means to convince our liberal societies how beaten down they are, calling themselves “moderates” when they are some of the worst violent criminals imaginable. Look at one example of the so-called Muslim moderates in the UK: Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin, a founder of the Muslim Council of Britain, recently convicted of war crimes and sentenced to death in Bangladesh. Putting it all in perspective, Douglas Murray has written a piece regarding the path Britain is now on, allowing murderers like Mueen-Uddin to not only thrive in the UK but to be considered a moderate. It is too eloquently written to paraphrase:

“At one end of the spectrum few people in our country admire Argentina for its provision of a safe haven for Nazi war-criminals after World War II. Very few people would think it acceptable if this country hosted those accused or convicted of war crimes in the Balkans in the 1990s. So should we ignore or take lightly the verdicts and demands of a court in Bangladesh? How is it that this country has ended up as a refuge for people embroiled in such trials? We face being accused of ignoring the victims of such an atrocity and not only welcoming in but elevating into positions of responsibility people who are, rightly or wrongly, alleged to have perpetrated of one of the late twentieth century’s most appalling atrocities.”

These are the “moderates” calling for an Islamophobia Awareness Month. Meanwhile, Islam is not tolerant of other religions as many of our articles have demonstrated like, Islam: Against All Mankind, or The Treatment of Religious Minorities in Muslim Lands.

As Paul Wilkinson points out, British Muslims would benefit from a British Culture Awareness Month in order to learn the culture of the nation that hosts them, rather than an entire month dedicated to more special treatment. But alas, we are stuck in a liberal society where it is now the majority that is oppressed, no assimilation is required, no patriotism for your adopted country, and favoritism is now centered on those who hate.

By: Rachel Molschky


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