Why the USA Is Not a Free Country

We, that is We The People, of the United States have lost many of our freedoms and much of our civil liberties.

Do we live in a free country?

Consider the following.

In a free country, there would not be 20,000-plus laws on the books infringing ‘ and even denying ‘ the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Crime would plummet as criminals would never know who was armed.

In a free country, businesses would not be crushed in a regulatory vise grip. Millions of jobs would stay here in America rather than going to Honduras and Bangladesh.

In a free country, we would not constantly be relinquishing our freedom in exchange for security. People would know that the greatest threat to their security comes from their own government.

In a free country, there would be no law forbidding what you could ingest into your body. If a certain medication worked, your doctor could recommend it and you could take it without fear of punishment.

In a free country you would not be arrested for collecting rainwater on your own property.

In a free country children would no be fined $500 for having a lemonade stand without government license, as happened in Maryland when officials gave a $500 criminal fine to six 10-year-old children who were running a lemonade stand. Then there is the case in Michigan, a stay-at-home mother was threatened with 90 days in jail for watching her friends’ children for less than an hour every day while they waited for the school bus because she did not have a child care license.

In a free country bloggers would not be threatened with jail for posting medical tips online, In North Carolina, authorities are threatening to send a blogger to prison for blogging about his battle against diabetes the state said he is ‘practicing nutrition,’ in North Carolina says he did not have a license.

In a free country states would not force parents to have their children vaccinated with harmful side-effect.

In a free country the government would not visit the homes of people that have been discovered to have purchased raw milk that was not pasteurized and confiscate it.

In a free country it would not be illegal to feed the homeless because you don’t have a food preparation permit. Or it would not be illegal for the homeless to panhandle because they don’t have a business license.

In a free country, there would be no welfare state, no education state and no medical state. There would not be a permanent underclass, the quality of education would be vastly improved, and medicine would be far less expensive. Moreover, immigrants would know that coming to America would mean either sink or swim. Deadbeats would not come here looking for a handout. And all immigrants would, out of necessity, learn English.

In a free country, there would be no minimum wage. Millions of jobs would be created in the inner cities overnight. Congressmen, senators, and other government workers would be paid what they are worth.

In a free country, there would be no Selective Service System. Threats of a draft would meet with furious resistance, not lame justifications.

In a free country, there would be no Patriot Act. There would be no “sneak and peek” warrants. The authorities would have to obtain a warrant to review your bank accounts and e-mails. Habeas Corpus would be secure.

In a free country, there would be no surrender of sovereignty to entities like the UN, where we can be outvoted 2-1 by such paragons of personal freedom as Sudan and North Korea. Our troops would not be involved in UN sponsored wars. Moreover, things like NATO and the International Criminal Court would no longer have any relevance.

In a free country, churches would truly be exempt from taxation, which would be minimal to begin with. The IRS would not have conducted raids on the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, Dr. Kent Hovind’s creation science theme park and other ministries that have not kissed up to the government in order to be tax exempt. Indeed, there would be no IRS.

In a free country, your property rights would not be under attack. There would be no zoning laws. You could not lose your home or business for failure to pay taxes. There would be no EPA harassment of landowners over ‘wetlands’ and other issues. The FEDGOV would not be the nation’s largest landowner. People of free countries won’t have their properties sized by Eminent domain.

In a free country, there would be no progressive income tax. Again, there would be no IRS. Period.

In a free country, there would be no inheritance tax.

In a free country, there would be no confiscation of property of those who resisted the powers that be.

In a free country Presidents cannot assassinate U.S citizens without a trial by jury as Obama has done giving the order to kill any citizen like he did of U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaqi.

In a free country it government does not continually monitoring its citizens as we found out by Whistle-blower Edward Snowden this year.

In a free country, there would not be a central bank. There would be no Federal Reserve and there would not a multi-zillion dollar national debt.

In a free country, there would be no government control of communications and transportation. There would be no FCC, DOT, ICC, etc. Airports would not be mini-police states.

In a free country, there would be no government intrusion in manufacturing and agriculture. There would be no Department of Labor or Department of Agriculture. Your business could not be shut down for OSHA violations. There would be no federal farm subsidies or price supports.

In a free country, there would be no federal control of labor. There would be no National Labor Relations Board, no minimum wage laws, no affirmative action or racial quotas.

In a free country, we would not have adopted nine of the ten ‘planks’ of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto.

Sadly this is only the tip of the iceberg in regards to the eroded freedoms of American citizens, USA no longer the land of the free.

A the direct democracy does prevails in Switzerland, very interesting to read about their government here.

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