The Worse of Obamacare is Yet to Come

As Obama faces unprecedented credibility crisis for making promises he did not keep. Obama’s disastrous health care roll-out has problems far greater than what we have seen so far. So far it better pretty bad, 5 million lost policies and increasing and hardly 100,000 signed up and Obamacare counts people that have not even paid yet in that number.

There is the Employer mandate is set to begin 1/1/2015 a little more than a year away. Businesses have a 6 month “lookback period” to determine if an employer is large or small enough for the Obamacare mandate. Employers will be forced to have hours cut back or simply let employees go by June 2014 to meet the criteria for Obamacare.

This will be a outright disaster for Democrats, or for those lucky enough to still have jobs and this Obamacare mandate comes out right before the elections.

There is already report after report about employers that will be restricting work hours to fewer than 30 per week to scat the Obamacare mandates. Many of the people that will be affected are low-wage workers, those that work for companies that do not provide health insurance now and under Obamacare they can expect to see their hours cut to under 30 hours a week. The nation’s most vulnerable workers will bear the brunt of Obamacare’s ill effects along with the middle class in increased rates.

According to a recent Chamber of Commerce survey, 71 percent of small businesses say that Obamacare will make it harder to grow their businesses. Half say that they’ll either cut hours or shift to part-time workers to dodge the additional costs the employer mandate will bring.

The Obamacare law actually gives businesses a incentive to avoid hiring low-income workers in the first place. A company faces a penalty of $3,000 for every worker who gets subsidized health insurance in Obamacare’s exchanges. Except the subsidies are only available to lower-income families. So Democrats are directly attacking the lower class with Obamacare.

Obamcare is also making business owner not expand or hire, for example the White Castle hamburger chain told lawmakers that “it is the mounting uncertainty surrounding the health care law that has brought us to a standstill.” In the years before Obamacare, White Castle had been opening an average eight new restaurants a year. But now is holding off any more opening due to Obamacare, that equates to less job!

Businesses will also have to face some $30 billion in new expenses associated with complying with Obamacare. The only way to relieve the harm Obamacare is causing businesses and workers is to eliminate it altogether. Expect more Democrats to take the side of Republicans and distance themselves far from Obamacare to save their political careers, specifically as the elections near.

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