Obamacare ‘Is Whatever Obama Says It Is’

Discussing President Obama three-week public relations campaign to promote the Affordable Care Act, Mark Levin said on Tuesday that Obamacare is “Jell-O… it is whatever Obama says it is.”

“So people are losing their healthcare, they’re losing their coverage, people who have advanced stages of cancer, people who suffer from diabetes, people who have heart disease, and many, many other ailments and maladies and diseases and illnesses. People are losing their doctors, as well as their coverage. This is very, very serious. That’s why Obama’s ratings are going down, not because of the Republicans, or the media or anything. It’s because people are being adversely, miserably affected by this pathetic law, this pathetic law which is really Jell-O. It’s Jell-O. It is whatever Obama says it is. ‘Well the Supreme Court upheld the law.’ The Supreme Court upheld which law? What law? The way the law operates today isn’t even the law that the Supreme Court saw in many respects.

“So what did Obama have to say? So here we have a three week campaign effort right up to Christmas because that’s all this jerk knows how to do. That’s right, I said, ‘jerk’ and I could say worse, but I’m a nice guy.  Nobody’s done more damage to the people of this country, to our economy, to our way of life, and yes to our medical coverage than this man,” Levin added.

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