Atheism As A Religion

This is a proposal of how Atheism has become a religion. I am speaking of a specific kind of atheist, not a buddhist atheist, but an atheist who has faith in science, the scientific method, and worships these entities. Simply being an Atheist does not make one a religious-atheist according to this proposal.

Some religions have worshiped statues and objects as their god. I am proposing Atheism is not impervious to Idolatry.
Religious-Atheist: An Atheist that goes beyond the claim of being atheist is to supersede the dictionary definition. Atheism has left its dictionary definition and became a practice When atheism leaps from its dictionary definition into real life to become a practice, an ideal, a faith in those ideals, it has become a religion. Evolution then takes place and it grows symbols, principles, behavioral traits, a faith in technology, and a faith in the scientific method for answering questions, more specifically life’s most difficult questions.

– Symbols
– the constant pursuit of scientific configuration/grooming
– the story of evolution
– machines, gadgets, transhumanism, technocracy
– Qausi-Humanism, “Atheist-Humanist”
– Anything non-secular is considered heretical
– Faith in theoretical science
– Atheist Churches, as well as Atheist conventions that act as churches to preach the doctrines of atheism

– A spiteful and sadistic dogma towards anything non-atheist. The prophet of atheism is the theoretical scientific method, which is intertwined with the atheist-humanist practitioners. Without the atheist-humanist, the pursuit of constant scientific configuration is non-existent. Without the scientific method the atheist has no prophet. Without science the atheist-humanist loses his/her/their religion.

Any claims of a higher being, a creator, is deemed an encroachment on the Atheist-Humanist’s religion/prophet. Where in some religions, a direct show of disrespect is to be attributed to the religion before accusations of heresy can be made, by not believing in Atheism to the atheist is thus heretical, thus paving way in the means of absolute intolerance of all other religion not atheist. The absolute religious intolerance of all other religions is engaged by the radical atheist-humanist practitioners. This is whats known as the “formal atheist debater.” These are the equivalent of a priest, pastor, rabi, Imam of other religions.

Atheism is a religion built on secular subjectivism while claiming objectivity. Its gathers its principles from a circumscribed philosophical heterogeneity while asserting what can’t be used, rather then what can. The eclectic paradox given by atheism is intertwined within the religion, as this gives it it’s axiom.

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