Study: Earth was warmer in Medieval times, Global Warming Not Happening!

If you think the Earth is hot now, try wearing plate armor in the Middle Ages.

A Swedish study found that the planet was warmer in ancient Roman times and the Middle Ages than today, challenging the mainstream idea that man-made greenhouse gas emissions are the main drivers of global warming.

The study, by scientist Leif Kullman, analyzed 455 “radiocarbon-dated mega-fossils” in the Scandes mountains and found that tree lines for different species of trees were higher during the Roman and Medieval times than they are today. Not only that, but the temperatures were higher as well.

On top of this the Suns solar activity is at a lowest, the sun’s current space-weather cycle is the most anemic in 100 years, scientists say.Our star is now at “solar maximum,” the peak phase of its 11-year activity cycle. But this solar max is weak, and the overall current cycle, known as Solar Cycle 24, conjures up comparisons to the famously feeble Solar Cycle 14 in the early 1900s, researchers said.”None of us alive have ever seen such a weak cycle”.

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Then the fact that there were over 2000 cold and snow records set in the USA this past week alone, Al Gore must be losing a lot of sleep over these facts. When the pictures started coming in with Egypt in snow, a fist for Cairo in 100 years even the leftist thinkers are rethinking the whole “Global Warming” thing.
Some smarter leftist have already figured out a plan to keep the Global Warming Hoax alive even during a mini-ice age, to change the name from Global Warming to “Climate Change” and blame the cold weather on that instead.  Will we fall for the hoax again?
For many years now, there was an alleged scientific consensus that the Earth was warming due to humans releasing greenhouse gases into the air,  primarily they claimed through burning fossil fuels. However, temperatures stopped rising after 1998, leaving the leftist scientists scrambling to find an explanation to the hiatus in warming.

Increasingly today scientists are looking away from human causes and looking at solar activity and natural climate variability for explanations of why the planet warms and cools. Scientists have now started pointing toward  solar activity as the predictor of where global temperatures are headed, not anything man made .

Sorry Al Gore, at least you sold your TV news station to Radical Islamist and made millions.
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