Political Correctness: Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?

With Christmas coming in the next few days, the old argument of religious displays and secular displays has raised its ugly head once again.

The progressives liberals are in full force attacking Judea-Christian values,  attacking the western rooted Judaism and Christianity and denying it roots to our great culture.  The word Christmas for example has often been replaced with X-Max or Happy Holidays as a more politically correct term to deny the religious roots to the festive season.

But the laugh is on the progressives,  Judea-Christian values  is so deep rooted in Western culture when even the new replaced politically correct term “Happy Holidays” has a religious undertone.  The word “holiday,” according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is derived from an old English word meaning “holy day.” The OED defines “holy” as “dedicated or consecrated to God or a religious purpose; sacred.”

Yes you heard it, “Happy Holidays” is the politically correct catch phrase we hear daily in December but few realize that the word holiday is derived from “Holy Day.” The holy day was the birth of Christ; in Judaism its a religious feast day; holy day, especially any of several usually commemorative holy days observed in Judaism.

If only the progressive liberals knew it roots, perhaps even Holiday (Holy Day) will be replaced with another word.

No matter what you believe Christmas, Hanukkah, Christian or Jew, or even Kwanzaa the bottom line is that the “Happy Holidays” we all like to celebrate with trees, lights and gifts are based on a Judeo-Christian religious tradition and it is time that we allow people and institutions to display this whether on private or public properties.

To deny this is to contribute to the further compartmentalization of our logic in allowing celebration but denying the roots thereof.

In the old days, folks would say, “God is good”.

And quite literally this was true. The word “good” itself if derived from “God”. For those who like to quote scripture, there are the words “In the beginning was the Word…And the word was God”. God as the very font of creation itself, as a spoken Word, with God’s Word sung to out into the molecular chaos of the ethers, forming them into the cosmos we live in today.


* God = “good”

* word = “God” in the sense that God is the Word.

* words = the manifold things we speak, literally the sounds we speak and sing from our mouths are “god-lettes”

* manifold = “many folds” (see “words” above)

* holiday = “holy day”

* awful = “awe full” – full of awe, words that originally had a positive meaning.

* thankful = “thank full”

* atonement = “at-one-ment”

* understanding = something you know so very well that you can literally “stand under” and support it.

* love = “love” (it cannot get any simpler than that. How wonderful!)

* universe = “one song”. (Another note on this great word is its meaning in various languages. The word for universe “one song” in the old Greek is katolikos, which is also related to the English word “catechism” – prayer in sung form).

Also – this holy-day be self-aware. Look up the original meaning of your first, middle and family names. You’ll be surprised at what they may mean. A gift to yourself – literally!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holy Days!




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