Dictator Obama : I’ll act with or without Congress

A defiant President Barack Obama sounding more like Middle Eastern dictator than a president of a free country shocking told Senate Democrats that he plans to use his executive authority to act in 2014 and bypass Congress if they stand in his way.

Obama completely ignoring that there are  2 other branches of government that were elected by the constituents that they represent. Obama cannot act alone, its an act of tyranny against the American people.  The fact that Obama feels comfortable saying such things  in public shows how bold and defiant Obama has become over the years.  We can only blame the liberal media for his out of control antics as they so far brush Obama acts against the American people under the rug.

Obama said this Wednesday at the White House. The White House says Obama and Democrats also discussed proposals to raise the minimum wage and efforts to pass a comprehensive immigration overhaul. Education initiatives and jobs measures were also on the agenda and Obama said he will not let congress stop him and their liberal agenda.

After Obama made these statements the Democratic senators briskly left the White House refusing to speak to reporters.





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