Iran Sanction Begin Lifting Today

Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran officially takes effect today, Jan. 20. The deal was called an “historic mistake” by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Barack Obama believes it marks an opportunity for a new era in US having relations with the radical Islamic regime of Iran, Obama has made the claim his deal is the only chance to avoid war.

According to the terms of the deal, Iran will receive roughly $7 billion (or $20 billion, Israel contends) in sanctions relief.Iran is also allowed to enrich uranium at lower levels, although the Islamic republic has boasted about converting it to highly-enriched uranium to oxidized form while also chanting death to USA and Israel.  Iran only allows limited international inspections of civilian nuclear facilities.

Previously, the UN Security Council had banned any nuclear enrichment by Iran.  Racial Islamist and Iranian president Hassan Rouhani celebrated the deal as a “surrender” by Obama and the world to Iran. The Republican controlled Congress is considering new sanctions that will take effect if the deal fails to “give peace a chance.”

Israel and Saudi Arabia are among the leading regional powers that have expressed open discomfort with Obama’s approach to Iran.  Israel in particular feels threatened, and is widely considered to be weighing options for a pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities with the aim of preventing it from becoming a nuclear power and using them on Israel or western nations.

Obama’s deal is a punch in the gut to America, especially to the families of the victims of the 9/11 Al-Qaeda Islamic terrorist attacks and our soldiers who were maimed or murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama and Kerry  continue to believe they are doing the right thing, right up to the mushroom cloud blooming over Israel.

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Pray, everybody. We need divine help

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