British Terror Suspects To Walk Free

A terror suspected, thought to have been planning attacks in London, will have restrictions on his movement lifted by the end of January, according to court papers released Tuesday.

The man, a British-Nigerian, is one of six suspects given wider freedom of movement, in a move that the opposition Labor party is challenging, reports AFP.

The Labor party’s home affairs spokeswoman Yvette Cooper called on Home Secretary Theresa May to explain if the suspects are still a risk to citizens.

“May can’t hide away on this,” remarked Cooper. “Her decision to weaken terror controls means terror suspects described by the courts as highly dangerous only a year ago will now face no restrictions on London streets.”

Meanwhile Britiain’s MI5 intelligence service fears the suspect, referred to as CD, could quickly obtain a weapon enabling a “real risk” for revived attempts to commit a terror attack similar to 2008 massacre in India’s Mumbai that killed 166 people.

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron
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Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron

Under British Prime Minister David Cameron new ‘terrorist prevention and investigation measures’ (Tpims) were introduced in 2012 to limit the activities of terror suspects. The Tpims are in effect for a 2 year period, leading to the situation where the 6 suspects stand to get back full freedom.

After the limitations are lifted, it is estimated that police and MI5 efforts to monitor the suspects will cost 20 million pounds ($33 million) a year.

Aside from the suspect who was planning an attack after the Mumbai massacre, another suspect had his plot to bomb a transatlantic flight foiled in 2006. Three other suspects are thought to be preparing to engage in terrorism outside of England.

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One of the Tpim suspects, Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, is missing since last November, after he dressed himself in a burka at a mosque and fled.

Islamic violence and terror has been on the rise in England. Last October police arrested 4 terror suspects, just days after MI5 Chief Andrew Parker warned “that there are several thousand Islamist extremists here who see the British public as a legitimate target.”

Last May, a 25-year-old British soldier was brutally beheaded by Muslims in the middle of a London street.

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