A Nobel Peace Prize for Edward Snowden?

President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 Obama had been in office less than a month when he won.Moscow Snowden Wikileaks Sheremetyevo

Now Obama could get some unwelcome company.

Two Norwegian politicians have nominated NSA leaker Edward Snowden for that same prize. Bard Vegar Solhjell and Snorre Valen of Norway’s Socialist Left Party announced Wednesday that they had nominated Snowden for the award. They praised his leaks for raising the curtain on modern surveillance techniques.

Being nominated for the $1.2 million Nobel peace prize is a far cry from actually winning it; in theory, you or I or anyone on the street could be a nominee. The peace prize is considered one of the most controversial of all the Nobels (Gandhi never won it, for example). Obama’s prize is criticized because of our use of unmanned drones, which have killed civilians. On the other hand, important global figures such as Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and the Dali Lama have all won.

This is a reminder of just how serious many in Europe take American surveillance issues and how popular Snowden is there. He’s been invited to speak to the German government, has been nominated for a student rector position at a university in Scotland, and has delivered a Christmas message on British television. Europeans did not brush this stuff aside like the American left did, they have a serious problem with NSA’s spying.

Snowden’s been nominated for other prizes before, and has even won one – the Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence, given by a group of retired CIA officers. Snowden’s whistle-blowing have made him famous. A Nobel would make him immortal.

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  1. Great initiative. The award should be forthcoming. Also, the wrongly awarded PEACE Prize to Obama should be forfeited, considering the fact that he INVENTED the “Humanitarian War on innocent Libya, which caused the total ruin of this small nation, before considered by the UN as “The country wnjoying the best quality of life of all Arabian nations”. The cime of the genocide of the 40.000 members of thye Black Tawergha tribe, which was falsely defined as “Mercenaries hired by Muammar Gaddafi” in a report fabricated for the UN, the course of the “Humanitarian War” has not been investigated nor reported by any of the “Humanitarian orgs.”

  2. Obama can rest easy. Snowden’s “Nobel” is as likely as Julian Assange making it to the cover of Time Magazine.The Nobel, like most awards, World Wide, is an instrument of political preferment. The World’s politicians are very far from ceding freedom and dignity to their serfs.

  3. Eould like to add the info about the fact that the false report to the UN, about the Black Libyan Tawergha Tribe being “Mercenaries hired by Muammar Gaddafi”m to fight against the “revolution”, which was mostly realized by the Obama/US led “Humanitarian War”; was made up by Amnesty International abd supported by the mainstream media.

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