Video: Obama’s Interview With Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly sits down with President Obama at the White House to discuss the IRS scandal, Benghazi, the Affordable Care Act and the Super Bowl.bill_oreilly

President Barack Obama has accused Fox News of keeping alive controversies the White House believes have been settled. The president’s testy interview aired before the Super Bowl, the most-viewed sports event in the US.

O’Reilly pressed Obama to explain why he did not fire Sebelius after the website used to enroll people in the new healthcare program, known as Obamacare, failed to work during its launch last October.

[youtube 9uzJYlbhH54 nolink]


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  1. What a fricken con job! Are you kidding me! For example, O whats his name puts on an act like he is drilling Obama on Benghazi. However, O’Reilly never asks the most important question which is why the President of the United States with his Secretary of State at his site told the American people that it was a Youtube video that resulted in a spontaneous demonstration that lead to the murder of our citizens. Why did he send out Susan Rice to go on the various weekend talk shows and lie to the American people about what happened in Benghazi. Am I to believe that Obama who requires a teleprompter to keep on message is suddenly able to go head to head with O’Reilly and answer questions without knowing what the questions were in advance! This is playing to people once again and O’Reilly is in the Obama camp, plan as day!

  2. The major concern with everything that is going on concerning our Federal Government is that no-one seems to remember the role that the Constitution plays in everything.

    The Constitution is the rule book detailing how our government must function. The people are bound with the responsibility for insuring that the rules remain inviolate and in tact, always. The Constitution is the sum of its parts. Thus, if any one part is weakened by abuse and/or attempts at changing it, the entire rule book is weakened and will soon fall apart.

    The Constitution, therefore, is the foundation upon which our country has been built. The foundation carefully and lovingly crafted by those great and godly Framers some 200 years ago. Those smart men knew that all men have weaknesses when it comes to temptations for acquiring personal power, prestige, influence, and wealth. This is even more true when there are no penalties for taking advantage of those temptations.

    The Framers provided solutions for fixing and knowing when things were not as they should be. They included instructions detailing responsibilities of the many offices created so that the people’s government would serve them well. If those entrusted to serve the people should lose sight of their obligations and abuse the rules for the conduct of the People’s business there are prescribed methods to fix things.

    One being that the only way that the Constitution can be legally changed is through the presentation of the proposed changes to both houses of Congress and having them approved by two-thirds of each house. Then, the changes move to the States wherein, as part of a ballot initiative, three-fourths of the States have to approve them. Only then, can the provisions of change be commenced.

    My point, after all of this is that I am dismayed every time I hear talk of saving this right or that right. The talk that is needed is saving the entire Constitution, as it was written and has been legally amended. WE must not, and cannot let it be taken apart and addressed in pieces. That will destroy it and open the doors for more and more attacks and abuses.

    We must make Congress always address attacks on our rights as attacks on the “Constitution”. Those pushing to save the Second Amendment appear to mean well, but, are they aiding in creating the final blow to the entire Constitution? They could have been led down the path towards that goal and then, consumed with passion for their cause, be diverted towards helping the enemy within destroy the Constitution.

    Lets all insist that the entire Constitution remain as it was written and that the only interpretations are those that are there in PLAIN ENGLISH. None of this crap of some Justice of the Supreme Court interpreting in a way that he/she says the people at the time of the writing would have meant by the words and phrases used. That is bull. It is meant to be read exactly as you see it. Interpretation leads to change, to change any part of the Constitution three-fourths of the people must agree. It cannot be done any other way.

    Obama cannot change the Constitution or can the Supreme Court, the Attorney General, State Governors, State legislatures, or anyone else. Only the People can change it. We the People must raise all kinds of Hell about any attempts to change it and stop at nothing to prevent changes.

    REMEMBER, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and domestic… That must be the effort, not just protecting one amendment or another. Our efforts must be to keep the Constitution in tact and protect it as one thing inclusive of all the parts.

    Please help!

  3. Barry is only one man. Congress is 535 “men”. Why has no one in congress accepted they question by so many ‘common’ citizens on Barry’s obvious lack of constitutional eligibility?

    And Joe, I’m afraid everyone in congress is following Barry in his goal to erase the Constitution in their move to demise the USA in the One World Government. If not, why hasn’t any of them even mentioned Obama’s abuse of the Constitution for 5 years?

    • I agree! That is why I feel anxious about what is happening today.

      Apparently, every Democrat that wants to really follow the rules and the Constitution have been given the word that if they do not support everything Obama, and those appointed by Obama, say, do and try to do there will be repercussions they, or someone in their family will not enjoy.

      I expect no less from the “public servants” Americans have given their consent to be governed who have developed Progressive mind sets in which they have come to feel entitled to the positions they hold and the perks they receive simply for being in those positions. They feel that they are entitled by their stations to rule over the rest of us. That they must be beyond reproach. That they, and only they have the right to make decisions for the rest because the rest are too stupid to know what is good for our country as well as for themselves.

      Until, we the People, totally purge Washington, D.C. of everyone of the old guard Republicans and Democrats who are in power struggles to remain in charge of our country’s progress, or lack thereof, while keeping their power, influence, and full pockets.

      The time for change is here and WE must get it done by refusing to reelect anyone that has not, and does not always demonstrate their dedication to the commitments they made to God and to us in their oaths of office.

      There are several Constitutional Conservatives that need to be reelected to continue the good work they have started. I feel that they are on the right paths needed to correct the wrongs of all Administration including that of Jimmy Carter and all the rest since that time. They will provide the best keel for our new ship of state, the U.S. Constitution. So, in 2014, promote that none but those Constitutional Conservative are to be reelected. All the rest whose seats are open for reelection must be deposed NOW! That will be 535 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 seats in the Senate.

      I cannot speak of the kinds of benefits this will bring to our county. They are too numerous and cover so many topics. The most important will be returning the conduct of our government, the government we have entitled to represent us and our futures through “the consent of the governed” to the form established in the Constitution by the Founders. That form will, hopefully be a lean, mean governing machine with very limited powers and even more limited presence in the lives of Americans.

      The only mention that I have seen that describes the length of time Congress must be in session is in the 20th Amendment, Section 2, which now states that “The Congress shall assemble at least once in every year, and such meeting SHALL begin at noon on the 3d day of January, unless they SHALL by law appoint a different day.

      That is one day, folks, not every day as we see happening now. Legislators, left in session for long periods of time will feel that if they are there they have to produce legislation. Legislating just to legislate leads to mischief as you can well see today. The same is true for those that remain in office for more than one term. They get too comfortable and develop too many contacts to allow the impartiality necessary for proper representation of constituents fairly, regardless of their party affiliations.

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