Obama’s “Inside Job” Destroying America

Have you seen the movies “Olympus Has Fallen” or “White House Down“? These movies are about terrorists taking over the White House and kidnapping the President. But those movies are based on attacks from outside.

Barack Obama proves you don’t need China, or North Korea, or radical Muslim terrorists to take down the White House. Obama is doing more damage from the inside, without firing a shot, than our worst enemies could ever imagine.

At Columbia University (Class of 1983), my fellow classmates admitted they hated America, hated “the rich,” and despised Judeo-Christian values. We spent our days discussing and debating their plan to destroy capitalism and radically change America from within by electing one of their own to the Presidency.

Once elected, the plan was to overwhelm the system with spending, taxes, entitlements and debt. Capitalism would topple, business owners would lose everything, and Americans would be brought to their knees, begging for government to save them. In that way America would become a socialist nation.

Recognize that plan? It’s happening right in front of our eyes. Barack Obama was one of my Columbia classmates. No one ever saw him, he rarely if ever attended class, even professors don’t remember him. Maybe he was too busy attending socialist or communist meetings and studying this plan. Because it is clear he learned well.

What is happening to America right in front of our eyes is this exact plan. Real life is replicating the silver screen. With economic and moral carnage from coast-to-coast, and now throughout the Middle East, it is clear the White House is down, and Olympus has fallen, from within.

Just look at the facts:

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In Egypt seventy churches have been burned and Christians killed by the Muslim Brotherhood, yet Obama says nothing. As a matter of fact, Obama’s White Housespokesman made a joke about the killing of Christians in Egypt.

While the murder of Christians does not pass any “red line,” Obama is mortified when radical Muslims murder other radical Muslims in Syria. That passes Obama’s “red line” and triggers a desperate desire for America to go to war, and risk the lives of our brave soldiers to defend our sworn enemy, Al Qaeda, and risk starting World War III.

The President of the United States seems to be a friend of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. He’ll meet with them, praise them, fund them, and even invite friends of theirs to the White House. Now he wants to enter a civil war in Syria on their behalf. But make friends with Republicans? Actually sit down with Republicans at the White House? Listen to the concerns of Republicans? Now that is too much to ask.

Unimaginable. Until Obama came along.

When George Zimmerman was found innocent of the death of Trayvon Martin, Obama quickly weighed in. Yet our President says nothing about the black-on-black genocide in the streets of Chicago (his hometown), or the out-of-control black-on-white crime wave happening across America.

Just in the past few days a white Australian baseball player was murdered by black youth in Oklahoma; a white 88-year old World War II veteran was murdered by black youth in Spokane; and12 black youths participated in a brutal gang rape in a Wilmington, Del. park.

I’m waiting for Obama to call a press conference and say, “These two women gang raped by black youth in that park could have been my daughters. This violence by black youth must stop.”

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I fear I’ll be waiting for…eternity. After all, this is the same President whose Equal Employment Opportunity Commission recently ruled that it is racist for employers to conduct criminal background checks on black job applicants, because they might find out the applicant is a criminal. But the EEOC says it’s fine to do it for white job applicants.

Unimaginable. Until Obama came along.

Under Obama our nation is so broke we no longer have the money for White House tours, or to properly staff air traffic controllers, or to keep open our Top Gun training for Navy fighter pilots, or to keep illegal immigrant felons behind bars, or to keep pools open for military families.

Yet somehow we have tens of millions of dollars so our President can vacation in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard and go on countless golf outings. We somehow have $100 million for him and his family to take a trip to Africa, where he pledged $7 billion of our money to provide electricity for the citizens of Africa. And, what about the millions for the IRS to spend on lavish conferences and the billions Obama is giving the Palestinians and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Oh, and don’t forget the billions Obama has spent to arm Al Qaeda and Hezbollah rebels in Libya and Syria, who will later use these

same weapons to kill us. Actually they already have- seeBenghazi.

Unimaginable. Until Obama came along.

Amazingly, while our President arms Muslim rebels, he wants to disarm American citizens. Even that pales next to the arming of our own government agencies. Even the Agriculture Department and Department of Education now have militarized SWAT teams. The Department of Homeland Security just bought 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point bullets- enough to fight 30 years of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

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Does the U.S. government fear its own citizens? Is Obama preparing for a revolution in the streets? Civil war?

Unimaginable. Until Obama came along.

In California, Democrats have proposed a bill to allow illegal immigrants to serve on juries. Obama spends millions of our taxpayer dollars for advertising in Mexico telling illegal immigrants in America they are eligible for food stamps. Billions in welfare payments are given to illegal immigrants disguised as “earned tax credits” even though they pay no taxes in the first place. Our government pays commissions to “recruiters” to inform Americans it is their “patriotic duty” to sign up for food stamps. Patriotic duty? Sounds like Soviet-era communist propaganda, doesn’t it?

Unimaginable. Until Obama came along.

Obama hands out free “Obama phones.” The catch is they are all bugged. Big Brother listens to your every word.

Unimaginable. Until Obama came along.

And then there’s Obamacare. It’s such a train wreck even Obama’s most loyal supporters – unions – want out. The head of the IRS testified he wants out. Even the company Obama hired to promote Obamacare relies on part-time workers, who have no health benefits. Economic disaster looms.

Unimaginable. Until Obama came along.

None of this should come as a surprise. Remember Democrat delegates booed God three times at Obama’s Presidential convention. And only days ago in Iowa, a Democrat activist opened a meeting with prayer – thanking God for the “blessing” of abortion.

Yes my fellow Americans, the White House is down, Olympus has fallen, and America is being destroyed from within. Who needs terrorists? Obama’s plan is so much more efficient.


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