U.S. Olympic Hockey Star: True ‘Heroes are Wearing Camo–That’s Not Me’

In an age of self-aggrandizing athletes who obsess over their own greatness, it’s worth celebrating a player who points out who the real heroes are.

On Saturday, the United States Olympic hockey team scored a dramatic 3-2 victory over Russia in a sudden death shootout. St. Louis Blues forward T.J. Oshie scored four times in the shootout as well as notching the game winning goal. In response to his on-ice heroics, fans briefly changed his Wikipedia page, dubbing him an “American Hero”.

After the match, Oshie was interviewed by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review’s Dejan Kovacevic and was asked about the change. Oshie humbly deflected praise stating, “The American heroes are wearing camo. That’s not me.”

In the wake of what the New York Post called, the “Biggest Hockey Win Since ‘Miracle’,” Oshie’s comments are uniquely American, and should be celebrated with the same ferocity as the U.S. team’s impressive victory.

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