Obamacare’s Relationship Status? ‘It’s Complicated,’ Biden Says

Speaking in Minneapolis yesterday about the Obamacare rollout, Biden said, “We didn’t want this to start off as shaky as it did. But it’s complicated.”

Facebook Relationship Status Complicated
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For many years, Facebook offered a short range of relationship options, including “it’s complicated.” Ever since, “it’s complicated” has been the Facebook status that both says nothing and fits every situation.  Philly Mag dubbed it, “the least complicated option for the terminally evasive.” Much like Biden – and his answer.

Through the end of January, 3.3 million have enrolled in Obamacare, far short of the numbers originally hoped for.

According to the AP, Biden made these remarks at an unannounced coffee shop visit with a few women who’ve either acted as Navigators or signed up for coverage.

Biden acknowledged the web site’s rocky rollout and said that “we may not get to 7 million, but if we get to 5 or 6 million that’s a hell of a start.”

“It’s complicated” has been the Facebook choice du jour for those who don’t want to broadcast too much of their relationship business, the chronically commitment challenged, the on-again/off-again types, and anyone who doesn’t want to tell their significant other where the relationship is headed.

In so many ways, America’s relationship with Obamacare is in the “it’s complicated” stage, too: are we headed for a breakup, an engagement, couples therapy? Maybe healthcare.gov is trying to hide that it’s “in a relationship” with irs.gov and it’s in an “it’s complicated” relationship with us.

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