95.7% of Crimeans give finger to Obama

In an unprecedented turnout unmatched by any Western election, Crimeans voted 95.7% to join Russia.

As pointed out earlier today, under the twisted logic of Obama Crimea has never been a part of Ukraine as Russians were not allowed to vote when the Soviet dictator Khrushchev stuck the Russian province of Crimea into Ukraine in 1954.

While Crimeans celebrate in the streets and international observers declare the referendum to be totally fair and free of all interference and threat, the fascist Obama White House declared that “we don’t recognize a stinking vote.” The moronic White House spokesperson said that the White House and “the international community”–Obama in its arrogance thinks that it is the voice of “the international community”–do not recognize the results of democracy in action.

Democracy is not acceptable to Obama, or to the two-bit punk American puppets who rule for Washington in Germany, UK, and France, when democracy does not serve Obama’s agenda of hegemony over the entire world. The facist White House spokesperson lied through his teeth when he claimed that the referendum, which has been declared by international observers to have been completely free, was “administered under threats of violence and intimidation.”

This statement, which the entire world now knows to be false, marks the government in Washington, and its subservient media, as the worst and most dangerous liar the world has ever experienced. All Obama is capable of is lies:  Syrian President Assad used chemical weapons against his own citizens, Gaddafi gave his soldiers viagra so they could better rape Libyan women, Russia invaded Crimea, Americans can keep their health coverage etc etc.  We could continue with hundreds of incidences of Obama’s lies. Indeed, among aware people the word Obama has become synonymous with liar.

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When will the world sanction the criminal enterprise that pretends to be a government of the United States?

When will the War Crimes Tribunal and the International Criminal Court issue arrest warrants for Obama and his entire criminal regime as well as the criminal regimes of  Clinton?

When will the assets of the US government and its criminal members be seized?

The Obama government is the worst criminal enterprise in the history of the world. Not a single member of the  Obama government has told the truth about anything in his entire term. The executive branch lies consistently to Congress, and the cowardly, weak, despicable fools sit there and take it. Congress is so useless it might as well be abolished. We can expect Obama to issue an executive order abolishing the useless institution at any moment.

But “we have freedom and democracy.”


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