An Open Letter To Putin

By Peter Paton


Dear President Putin

The Common Enemy to Russia and the West is Radical Islamic Terrorism and they should not be allowed to obtain Nukes and Weapons of Mass Destruction. Russia has its own severe problem with Islamic Extremism in Chechnya and 300,000 Tatar Muslims in the Ukraine.

Therefore we the Democratic West would like to lay before you our shopping list of must do’s, if you wish to retain your perceived eminent status as a World Leader Par Excellence.

It’s called for want of a better word ” Doing the Right Thing “, and join please with President Trump and the Western Bloc, and reset the World to make it a better place for all to live in.

They consist of the following.

1. Russia  should use its influence and connections to prevent the Islamic Regime of Iran ever acquiring Nuclear Weapons, support Human Rights in Iran, and end the Despotic rule of the Mullah Hardliners.

2. Russia should force President Assad of Syria to stand down from power so that Free Democratic Elections can be held in Syria, to allow a Transitional Syrian Government to take shape.

3. Russia should use its influence to help shape a Middle East Peace Accord between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

putin3Three Requests, but Three Salient Requests that shape the Future of Mankind to come, and as to whether Peace or World War will rein on Planet Earth. You President Putin above all others, have the Power to answer these Three Requests Affirmatively. Do this President Putin and you will go down in the Annals of History as the Man who answered the Clarion Call of Almighty God.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

Follow Peter on Twitter @pjpaton

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  1. Peter! Great article and that is the truth, USA, Europe and Russia to to band together like the did in WWII and fight this time against radical Islam. Never arm any Muslims militant groups that will later backfire on us.

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  2. In the days of WW2, when the great powers rallied together to defeat the Axis, Allied leaders were Churchill, Roosevelt then Truman, and Stalin. They were men devoted to their nations. Such is not the case today, especially in terms of the United States. Presently, the USA runs on “autopilot.” I have no doubts that Cameron of UK and Putin of Russia are intensely loyal to their nations. The same could be stated about Merkel of Germany.I imagine Hollande of France would throw in with the Allies too.
    I cannot see an Obama taking a stand against Islam, they aren’t yet radical enough to him.

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  3. All good except for point #2.
    Since WHEN has any democratic elections been held in ANY moslem country? Surely you jest?
    Wasn’t that what the “Arab Spring” was all about? How’s that working out?
    If very lucky, only Egypt MAY have “democratic” elections – but you forget one thing – Democracy & Islam are completely incompatible. Show me anywhere in the world a democratic Islamic government!

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    • whitecolt:
      Where in my comment is there any mention of “democratic elections held in any Muslim country?”
      Where in my commebnt is a point #2?
      Is it possible your response was meant for another comment and inadvertently came to me? I can’t identify with anything you cite.Today was my first time on this venue, perhaps there’s been confusion?

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      • It looks like whitecolt was commenting on the story and was referring to:

        #2. Russia should force President Assad of Syria to stand down from power so that Free Democratic Elections can be held in Syria, to allow a Transitional Syrian Government to take shape.

        It was not a reply to your comment.

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          • whitecolt:
            Thank you too. As regards the question re: Muslim country which holds democratic elections,is a democracy,it appears the “Flanders” answered that question. It being Indonesia. I never considered that, my focus has been on the ME and SW Asia. A bit myopic on my part. In any event…….
            Good show, Flanders!

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  4. There goes the neighborhood! And, we just were discussing the ONLY democratic Muslim state, Indonesia. Now, there are none! Of course not, why would Islam want “such a blemish” on its record? It must have annoyed them no-end that Indonesia had claimed to be democratic.
    Now, tell me….It’s not that I’ve ever suspected that they could live in a free speech environment, but how could they even hope to integrate multiculturally with such primitive,fanatical,behavior on their part?
    They really need to be off by themselves with no contact to other cultures/religions. Even in the most successful melting-pot in this world, USA,relative peace exists with the presence of Muslims, because they are yet a minority. They just cannot tolerate in peace, other religions. That is the way they are.

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