Obama’s Soviet USA: Cops Raid Homes Looking for “Illegal Tenants”

(Conservativepapers.com) European colonist came to North America to escape oppression and the big government monarchies of Europe. In 1707 the British king decided all major questions, especially those concerning the North American colonies, then power had moved from the king to the British Parliament. The American colonist wanted to govern themselves, although the government in Europe set many legislation and taxes on sugar, coffee, some wines and other products imported to America in large amounts like we see from Washington DC today, more taxes, laws and regulations.

Things are so bad today in the USA that the out of control government has now has now launched a crackdown on homeowners who rent their house out to tenants who have not been registered under a “zero tolerance” program that will see police conduct home inspections without notice. This is right out of the Stalinist USSR, limiting Americans what they are allowed to do with their own homes.

Homeowners will be targeted by a newly created police “Housing Enforcement Unit” that will “modify search warrant law to eliminate prior notice, aggressively use warrants and housing sweeps on a regular basis.”

Much like the Soviet Union asked, US residents are being encouraged to report their neighbors to authorities if they suspect they are housing tenants who have not been registered with the government. Local station News 12 also gave out an email address and phone number encouraging viewers to, “report a suspected illegal rental.” Report your neighbor and be a good comrade.

Worse yet the government is setting maintenance rules and violation fines will also be raised under the new program. Have a cracked window or some uncut grass, you may face fines or worse arrest.

The primary purpose appears to be a way to target homeowners who rent out rooms in order to help pay the cost of exorbitant property taxes. Now in the USA renting out your room could be illegal, the government is out of control!

Respondents to the News 12 report decried the move as a selfish attempt to prop up house prices at the expense of property rights and personal freedom.

“TAXES for your bloated New York nanny state politicians is what this is all about, they don’t give a damn about the people,” stated one YouTube user.

“Boo hoo hoo, my property value is declining. I know, let’s call the state goon squad to destroy the lives of people that may harm the value of our homes. This “community” action will backfire, causing property values to drop to zero in a zero tolerance “community,” added another.

“Yes! Report an illegal rental ASAP. The American people have raised their voices loud and clear. They’re saying, “State supremacy forever!”, and “Police supremacy over all!” joked another respondent.

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