Rasmussen Reports Survey: 53% of Americans Against BOTH Parties

Drudge Report calls it a “shock” poll. Apparently it’s a real shock that more than half of Americans are fed up with both Republicans and Democrats. It’s not that much of a shock to me, though. The new Rasmussen Reports survey is causing a little bit of a stir—it found that 53% of Americans do not believe either major political party represents America. So 53% of Americans are apparently finally catching on. Here are the actual numbers from the Rasmussen Reports survey:

Interestingly, 52% of Republicans and a plurality (44%) of Democrats agree that neither major political party is the party of the American people. But 65% of voters not affiliated with either party feel that way.

Maybe it’s because I’ve never really been a brand-loyal person. Or because I’m part of the über-cynical Millennial generation. Or maybe it’s just because Republicans and Democrats really have been screwing things up royally and obviously for the past, I don’t know, hundred or so years. But even in my youth, I recognized that neither party offered anything of real value. They both stood for things to which I was steadfastly opposed.

You had the Democrats spending too much money on socialist programs for health, welfare, and education while denying unborn children their rights, to name but a few of their offenses. And then Republicans swooped in and spent too much money on different socialist programs for health, welfare, and education, threw in a couple more trillion for unnecessary wars, and still failed to stick up for the rights of the unborn.

Then Democrats came in and continued and expanded the unnecessary wars. Then, almost to return the favor, Republicans came in and continued and expanded the Democrat’s socialist policies. Both choked the economy with high taxes and favors for their friends. Crony capitalism, the proliferation of bureaucracy, and an erosion of civil rights went apace with both parties in equal measure.

And all of a sudden, the civil government looked like one big back-scratching free for all. And the only losers were the American people.

And what bothered me most about this transparent destruction of America’s best interest was that none of my parents’ generation seemed to see it the way I did. They kept insisting that if only we got the Republicans out, or the Democrats out, then things would start to go right with the economy or society or what have you.

Wrong. Republicans and Democrats are pretend enemies. They are all members of basically the same party. And, now more than ever, that should be obvious. And, if this Rasmussen Reports survey is to be believed, people may finally be getting it. But now, what to do about it?


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