Follow Your Tax Dollars Across This Map to Unfriendly Nations

What’s worse than using taxpayer money for special interests and cronyism? Maybe sending taxpayer money to nations that aren’t the best friends of the United States.

The Export-Import Bank does both. It loans money to foreign companies and governments to buy products from politically favored American companies. Hard-working Americans are backing these loans.

This map shows just a few of the countries where your money is going.

Export-Import Bank Map: Subsidizing Unfriendly Regimes



Infographic: Share this explanation of the Export-Import Bank

The Export–Import Bank: A Government Outfit Mired in Mismanagement

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  1. Where in our Constitution does it give our government the authority to take money from its citizens and lend it to foreign nations; especially unfriendly nations?

    You can’t buy friendship by proving yourself to be ignorant.

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