Germany’s Future? The Infiltrated Republic

The following essay by Udo Ulfkotte is not new, but its description of the state of affairs in Modern Multicultural Germany is just as applicable as it was when it was written. Many thanks to JLH for translating this piece from Kopp Online:

Germany’s Future? The Infiltrated Republic
by Udo Ulfkotte


A CDU back-bencher tells us Germans quite plainly what his party intends to press for: After 2035 Germans will be a minority in their own country. Since January 2012, there has been a statement on the website of a CDU* politician which gives pause.

In just a few years — in 2035, Germans will become an ethnic minority in Germany. By the time a child born today completes his studies, Germany will be populated by a majority of foreigners. And a German then will be a “Future German.” No, that is not just a conspiracy theory anymore. That is the official statement of a CDU representative who intends to help make that happen. It is on the homepage of CDU politician, Martin Gillo.

There it is in boldface: “2035 will begin a new age in Germany.” And if you take a careful look at this page, you will recognize the words at the top: “Know what’s up.” So let’s take a look, because we would like to know where the CDU is headed. And here it is: “According to current calculations, people with an immigration background will be the majority of the population as early as 2035. That is less than a generation… A new age begins in 2035! It will be an age when we ethnic Germans become a minority in our country. How will we be treated then? Friendly, courteously and as belonging to the “Future Germans”? Or will we be satisfied to at least be tolerated as a protected minority?”

I just got sick when I read these lines. People coming here en masse and opposed by broad swathes of the population, shall henceforth — according the wishes of this CDU politician — be called “Future Germans.” You read that right.

German policy apparently intends to repeat the same mistakes already being rued by countries like Great Britain. The left-leaning BBC has in fact broadcast a documentary report describing how the problems with immigration were systematically downplayed. The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung comments on this BBC report:

The respected BBC editor Nick Robinson, who researched the TV documentary, confessed over the weekend that his station had buried the public’s concerns because of the fear that they could cause new racism. That was “a major error.”

And the CDU wants to make these people, who are no longer wanted by large groups of Germans, into “Future Germans” and prepare us for a new age. beginning in 2035, when the unwelcome entry-card Germans will be the majority here.

So, for the future, the word is “poverty for all in the merry immigration barn dance.” That is the unadorned truth. Anyone who doesn’t like it is now officially — according to the CDU — a “true anti-democrat.” Is that acceptable?

Anything else about the allegedly glorious future with the “Future Germans” is propaganda. It is easy to see in the political and media propaganda initiatives about the strain on social services of Bulgarians and Rumanians. According to the government’s official reports, there are no poor immigrants.**

However, there are media outlets that precisely catalog the tricks of the Immigrating Paupers — I beg your pardon, Future Germans: How to get welfare in spite of a private fortune; How to rip us off by using “phantom” children. The majority of Germans are skeptical about immigration. 60% are afraid of the immigration from East Europe. That is how the police see it too. The police union expects a noticeable rise in the crime rate after the EU’s eastern expansion. That is the basis for ethnic Germans fearing “Future Germans.”

Of course, we don’t read all that on CDU backbencher Martin Gillo’s website. That is apparently not part of the worldview in which Germans will be a minority in their own land by 2015. In 1996, the world-renowned behavioral scientist Eibl-Eibesfeldt was interviewed by Focus, and commented on immigration to German-speaking territories: “It is not necessary to welcome our own repression.” Also: “If you should move a border marker a mere ten meters in Europe, there would be a terrible ruckus. But we are supposed to put up with a silent land-grab through immigration?”

This will end in civil war. It is clear at, any rate, that the governing parties are advancing nothing other than infiltration. And in the end there will be what the British have by now recognized: the counter movement.

The Locals not happy with Islamic chants from loudspeakers in their city, drown them out with Church Bells.

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