Celebrities Against America: Seven Deadly Sinners

It is simply extraordinary the high regard that most celebrities are held in today. Yet, because most Americans receive their information passively, they are unaware that most celebrities are also extremely information-starved persons, as well. Further, many stars never even studied at a university, having left for Hollywood as soon as they could.

This means their abilities to think and research would typically be at a high school level, at best. Therefore, these fine-sounding but uninformed persons make better followers than leaders. Further, Hollywood and the mainstream media both seem to seek and reward those who hold no strong traditional beliefs. So these folks are often lost souls, imbibing incipient and primitive atheism, or become easy pickings for mindless cults.

And yet, what do stars have in common? First, most secretly believe they are unusual geniuses who owe their success to no one but themselves, and perhaps a little luck. Second, unlike the star—that the average American is not very smart or talented, and therefore they need the helping hand of society or government to get ahead. Third, these celebrities tend to be vain because of all the praise they receive. Therefore, they overestimate their own abilities and also often become brusque individuals. Fourth, there is a strong element of self worship which appeals to the ego of any successful individual. Finally, many of these people have spent their entire lives totally dedicated to getting success, so they tend not to be altruistic or others-oriented people.

In the midst of our utterly mindless and quality indifferent society, we must fight back to reorient ourselves if we are to survive as a people. The only hope of America is to retain our Constitution and Bill of Rights in the midst of horrific attacks against the idea of American Exceptionalism. If we Americans cannot redesign the curriculum at public schools, and also make it easier for people of faith to have public lives, this country cannot hope to last. And as the ruins of liberalism are in flames and lay in pieces around us, it is still secularists who have the cool reputations and intriguing lives. Certainly, this must evolve if we are to have a quality life for the masses.

So, ponder the anti-conservative views of some of America’s most prominent celebrities.

I. Seven Deadly Sinners

Sophistry is defined by Webster as: “Use of reasoning or arguments that sound correct but are actually false; a reason or argument that sounds correct but is actually false; subtly deceptive reasoning or argumentation.” Notice how these celebrities seem to despise the Constitution and all things American, despite their own fame and riches.

A. Jon Stewart v. Free Speech

Jon Stewart’s famous attack against the show Crossfire sounds bizarre because it is simply weird. He demands the famed ideological debate show be shuttered, while he continues hiding his run-of-the-mill leftist political agenda behind his “humor”—committing crimes not just against logic, but in defiance of the gods of comedy, as well.

In 2005, Jon Stewart, in the name of “helping America,” says this to the Crossfire hosts, Paul Begala and Tucker Carlson:

“And I made a special effort to come on the show today, because I have privately, amongst my friends and also in occasional newspapers and television shows, mentioned this show as being bad….And I wanted to—I felt that that wasn’t fair and I should come here and tell you that I don’t—it’s not so much that it’s bad, as it’s hurting America. So I wanted to come here today and say… Here’s just what I wanted to tell you guys. Stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop hurting America. And come work for us, because we, as the people…The people—See, the thing is, we need your help. Right now, you’re helping the politicians and the corporations. And we’re left out there to mow our lawns…”

So Crossfire was “hurting America,” while Stewart—claiming only to be only an entertainer, is presumably “helping America.” That in itself would be hilarious, if Stewart himself wasn’t so unfunny.

B. Bill Maher v. Religion

Bill Maher is famous for being one of the most vocal, angriest, and sarcastic secular humanists in America. Maher vented his spleen recently when the topic of the Bible and the movie Noah came up:

“No one can blame me when I say this is a stupid country. When 60% of the adults in it think the Noah’s Ark story is literally true. Which is why I’m already sick of the ads for this floating piece of giraffe crap. Although, the movie has been condemned by both Christians and Muslims, so it must be doing something right. And they say it may lose a fortune for the studio, which would put it in hot water with the Jews, too. You believe a man, Noah, lived to be 900 years old, that’s what the Bible said; and when he was 500, he decided to have three kids just like Clint Eastwood. And when he was 600, he and his three 100-year-old sons built a boat unto which, in one day, they loaded over 3 million animals, all of which were apparently indigenous to within five miles of the boat.

“But get this, what the Christians who are now protesting this movie are upset about is that it doesn’t take the biblical story literally enough. They’re mad because this made-up story doesn’t stay true to their made-up story.”

“The thing that’s really disturbing about Noah isn’t the silly, it’s that it’s immoral. It’s about a psychotic mass murderer who gets away with it and his name is God. Genesis says God was so angry with Himself for screwing up when he made mankind so flawed that he sent the flood to kill everyone. Men, women, children, babies, what kind of tyrant punishes everyone just to get back at the few he’s mad at? I mean besides Chris Christie.”

Maher then went on to describe the Christian God as a being an entity with anger issues who kills the innocent, including babies, with a chip on his shoulder.

C. Matt Damon v. Bible & Palin

Verbose, arrogant and highly critical of all things Conservative, it’s no surprise that Matt Damon would trash Sarah Palin, or the Bible. It is interesting that Damon equates one’s beliefs about dinosaurs with competence, although many humanists viscerally reject a literal creation. Damon said in an interview,

I think there’s a really good chance that Sarah Palin could be president, and I think that’s a really scary thing because I don’t know anything about her. I don’t think in eight weeks I’m gonna know anything about her. I know that she was a mayor of a really, really small town, and she’s governor of Alaska for less than two years. I just don’t understand. I think the pick was made for political purposes, but in terms of governance, it’s a disaster. You do the actuary tables, you know, there’s a one out of three chance, if not more, that McCain doesn’t survive his first term, and it’ll be President Palin. And it really, you know, I was talking about it earlier, it’s like a really bad Disney movie, you know, the hockey mom, you know, “I’m just a hockey mom from Alaska”—and she’s the president. And it’s like she’s facing down Vladimir Putin and, you know, using the folksy stuff she learned at the hockey rink, you know, it’s just absurd. It’s totally absurd, and I don’t understand why more people aren’t talking about how absurd it is.

I … it’s a really terrifying possibility. The fact that we’ve gotten this far and we’re that close to this being a reality is crazy. Crazy. I mean, did she really—I need to know if she really thinks dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago. That’s an important…I want to know that. I really do. Because she’s gonna have the nuclear codes, you know. I wanna know if she thinks dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago or if she banned books or tried to ban books. I mean, you know, we can’t have that.

D. Rosie O’Donnell v. Guns

Rosie the riveter O’Donnell famously attacked Tom Selleck without provocationregarding his support of the NRA. Unsurprising, O’Donnell still carries on her anti-gun crusade, despite being branded a hypocrite because her bodyguard packs a pistol.Here she engages the topic on The View with Conservative Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

Hasselbeck: “So you can’t- You can’t take away the right to, to bear arms.”

O’Donnell: “Well, it’s not really a right. There’s debate as to what that-”

Hasselbeck: “It is a right. It’s in our Constitution. It’s the Second Amendment.”

E. Michael Moore v. Property & Evil Capitalism

Filmmaker Michael Moore is well known for his criticism of America. He demands the destruction of capitalism to save the world. His film about the evils of capitalism is explained below in an interview of Moore:

“What I’m asking for is a new economic order, I don’t know how to construct that. I’m not an economist. All I ask is that it have two organising principles. Number one, that the economy is run democratically. In other words, the people have a say in how it’s run, not just the 1%. And, number two, that it has an ethical and moral core to it. That nothing is done without considering the ethical nature, no business decision is made without first asking the question, is this for the common good?”

F. Oprah: Old Racists Must Die

Oprah Winfrey is very wise. That is how she became America’s first Black billionaire female. This wisdom also teachers her that to kill racism in America, which is our most important mission, old racist crackers must die. (see the clip) And by the way, pretty much everyone who disagrees with Obama is motivated by racism.

G. Ted Turner Battling Global Warming

On the Charlie Rose show, Billionaire businessman and UN supporter Ted Turner explained how greed will kill most humans through Global Warming, whereas the rest will become cannibals.

TED TURNER: Not doing it will be catastrophic. We’ll be eight degrees hotter in ten, not ten but 30 or 40 years and basically none of the crops will grow. Most of the people will have died and the rest of us will be cannibals. Civilization will have broken down. The few people left will be living in a failed state—like Somalia or Sudan—and living conditions will be intolerable. The droughts will be so bad there’ll be no more corn grown. Not doing it is suicide. Just like dropping bombs on each other, nuclear weapons is suicide. We’ve got to stop doing the suicidal two things, which are hanging on to our nuclear weapons and after that we’ve got to stabilize the population. When I was born-

CHARLIE ROSE: So what’s wrong with the population?

TURNER: We’re too many people. That’s why we have global warming. We have global warming because too many people are using too much stuff. If there were less people, they’d be using less stuff.

The Malthusian Turner, believes that the earth should have no more than 2 billion persons, and eugenics are acceptable to reduce the population. Despite this, he is one of the world’s largest landholders and has four girlfriends, concurrently.


It is amazing how completely leftist the typical celebrity is when you consider how so often these people are a living embodiment of the American dream. It’s sad, but if we followed the after-success advice of these stars, no one else could possibly hope to become successful! May we repent of our stupidity.

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