Obama Violated Law Again, Negotiates With Terrorist, Congress Not Notified

The United States has never negotiated with terrorist, its a long standing rule to protect and limit American kidnappings by taking away any incentives to kidnap them for ransom, that has all changed under Obama.  Obama  and his admin actually do now negotiate with real terrorists, and release dangerous terrorist back onto the streets.

Amid jubilation Saturday over the release of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from captivity by the Taliban, senior Republicans on Capitol Hill said they were troubled by the means by which it was accomplished, which was a deal to release five Afghan terrorist from the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Top Republicans on the Senate and House armed services committees said President Obama again has broken the law, a law that requires the administration to notify Congress before any transfers from Guantanamo are carried out.

“Trading five senior Taliban leaders from detention in Guantanamo Bay for Bergdahl’s release may have consequences for the rest of our forces and all Americans. Our terrorist adversaries now have a strong incentive to capture Americans. That incentive will put our forces in Afghanistan and around the world at even greater risk,” House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. McKeon (R-Calif.) and the ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, James M. Inhofe (Okla.), said in a joint statement.

Lawmakers were not notified of the Guantanamo detainees’ transfer until after it occurred, again the Obama administration ignoring the laws of the United States.

The law requires the defense secretary to notify relevant congressional committees at least 30 days before making any transfers of prisoners, to explain the reason and to provide assurances that those released would not be in a position to reengage in activities that could threaten the United States or its interests.

Before the current law was enacted at the end of last year, the conditions were even more stringent. However, the administration and some Democrats had pressed for them to be loosened, in part to give them more flexibility to negotiate for Bergdahl’s release.

All five terror suspects the Obama administration exchanged for the release of Sgt. Bowe Berghdahl on Saturday were deemed in a 2008 Pentagon dossier to be  ‘high risk’ for launching attacks on American interests if released.  The five Taliban detainees being transferred to Qatar were “hardened terrorists.

They are undoubtedly among the most dangerous Taliban commanders held at Guantanamo,” said Thomas Joscelyn, a senior editor at the non-profit Long War Journal

Obama choosing to negotiate with terrorist and trading five senior Taliban terrorist from detention in Guantanamo Bay for Bergdahl’s release will have consequences for the rest of our forces and all Americans  by giving terrorists “a strong incentive to capture Americans.

 Barack Obama “clearly violated laws which require him to notify Congress thirty days before any transfer of terrorists from Guantanamo Bay.

Author Brad Thor tweeted a number of responses to this act of negotiating with terrorists, including his assessment that Americans are now vulnerable because terrorists see they can get what they want from the Obama administration.


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