Cruz Blasts Dems For Abandoning Bill Of Rights

Sen. Cruz Speaks in Opposition to Repealing First Amendment. Politicians, laws and judges do not protect the 1st Amendment. The Second Amendment does.

All peaceful and civil means for the citizenry to affect their government rest within the boundaries of the First Amendment. Therefore, if the Rights protected under the First Amendment are silenced, then the only way for U.S. citizens to shape government is through the Rights protected by the Second. This is not a matter of instigation, but a matter of historical observation and logic. It bears to reason that it would be wise for these politicians to reconsider their actions if not for this generation, then for whatever generation is shackled with the burden of either tyranny or whatever strife is necessary to break its bonds as a result of the suppression of peaceful expression


[youtube 64sxcv-Jj7g nolink]

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