Gloria Steinem’s Final Solution

Many women have had abortions and I dare say that the great majority of them feel a gnawing sense of loss, if not worse, at having arrived at this decision. But those who evaluate this silent murder as some emancipated badge of courage that flows from an enlightened moral evolution are either pathological to the point of being able to live comfortably without a moral conscience or have sank beneath the depths of human compassion into the realm of naked ideological self-delusion. Steinem, in freeing herself from a civilization’s bourgeois restraints, long ago tossed away her last shred of moral innocence. When she became a poster child for Planned Parenthood’s pedigree of flippant infanticide, she accelerated her Luciferian plummet — and now assumes a form that is as wicked as any brute she ever set forth to engage in temporal battle.


To revel in the satisfaction of killing one’s innocent young: such as when a reptile consumes her own eggs, is not a laudable feminine virtue – nor is its advocacy a praiseworthy human action that merits accolades or emulation. Not too many years from now, when Steinem is withered and incapacitated, will those tiny fingers she once ripped from her life be there to steady her palsied hands and show affection and mercy? Having squandered the most precious gift that weak and finite humans can experience outside of heaven’s bliss, I do hope her precious rights are able to keep out the frigid winds of an impending oblivion.


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