CNN Reporter; Benghazi Suspect “Not a Man Who Was Hiding”

CNN’s senior international correspondent Arwa Damon, who spoke last year with Ahmed Abu Khattal, the suspected mastermind in the 2012 Benghazi terror attack that killed four Americans, said not only was he not in hiding but he actually offered to speak with American officials about the attack. 

Another well timed Obama stunt to deflect attention away from his imptence as a Leader. Khattala has been hiding in plain site…CNN knew where to find him.

The terror ‘suspect’ having been on ice for months, due to the Bergdhal scandal and now the missing IRS emails, Obama all the sudden captures a man who has been in plain sight whom CNN has spoken too over a year ago. This man was interviewed by five different Media including CNN and Reuters. He was in a cafe for two weeks and told the media no one questioned him.

Ahmed Abu Khattal did not deny he was at the consulate the night of September 12, 2012 but instead claims he was “directing traffic.” Damon said while his story does not line up with the events of that night, she empathized his confidence in making himself available to talk with U.S. authorities. 

From her report it looks as if he made himself available, Obama got a freebie and they took him into custody! They are charging him for shooting and killing someone with a gun, even though none of our embassy personnel died from a gun shot.

Plus the question begs, how can there be a leader of “spontaneous protest”.  Is this a subtle clue to Americans that what the Obama administration first said about Benghazi was untruthful? At the time Libya was  in the middle of a civil war. Yet they had time to sit around and watch youtube?

Plus capturing a “suspect” does not pardon the fact Obama’s incompetence allowed such a thing to happen in the first place while falsely blaming the event on a YouTube video. This does not take away from the fact that our citizens there were not protected and the Obama administration denied them the security the embassy asked for.

 Is is a bit suspicious that they happen to catch this guy the same day that Hillary Clinton is having a “Town Hall Meeting” where she will be grilled about this very event.

What difference does it make?


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