Border Crisis Worsening As Obama White House Praises Mexico-Guatemala Pact

() Get ready, folks, since it looks like things along our southern border are about to get even more insane. We have already had something in the neighborhood of 57,000+ unaccompanied illegal alien minors cross over our border since October. Immigration officials have also already estimated that we will see another 150,000+ children do so next year, deepening the already severe crisis and lack of resources to handle the situation.

Now, there is a new pact or agreement in the works between Mexico and its neighbor to the south, Guatemala. In case you are not aware, most of these illegal minor children are coming from the various countries in Central America. However, they need to go through Mexico. In order to do THAT, most eventually will end up in Guatemala and cross into Mexico and then hop on one of the so-called ‘death trains’ to take them to the United States border.

This pact is part of what Mexico has called their own ‘Southern border strategy.’ This is kind of funny, seeing how Mexico is also realizing that these vast number of immigrants passing through their country is actually becoming a problem. They are going to be issuing Regional Visitor permits to allow Guatemalans to enter their country without a passport and stay for up to three days.

In other words, this new ‘pact,’ really does nothing to change the situation. In fact, it legitimizes these waves of immigrants and actually makes it easier. No longer will these kids (and parents) have to sneak into the country illegally (sounds familiar, right?), now they can do it with the full blessing of the Mexican government. Of course, three days is plenty of time for them to hop on one of those ‘death trains’ and make it to a US detention/processing center, slated for release somewhere inside the USA after a while. Perfect. Mexico has also announced they have made similar agreements with the governments of El Salvador and Honduras.

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The Obama Regime fell all over themselves to praise these deals. In fact, they said they might even send Mexico more foreign aid, possibly another $86 million, to help fund this program which will establish border control centers in several areas. The State Department said this “initiative is a manifestation of a new willingness to work together along these states’ common border,” and that America is “working to provide support to Mexico’s southern border initiative.”

In other words, the Obama Regime is still actively supporting and encouraging these illegals to come. They are still calling on the children of Central America to come to our country. If anyone was thinking before that Obama may be changing his position and considering actually deporting these children, this should dispel those thoughts. He wants more illegals to come into the country and he is doing everything possible to encourage this. Mexico likes this deal because they are getting more money out of it! Everyone wins…except the American taxpayer, who will be supporting most of these illegals for years to come. And when they start voting, they will be in favor of more government handouts and a further weakening of our borders…if we have any border left by that time.

What do YOU think? Is Obama guilty of creating, supporting, and encouraging this crisis? How should this situation be handled? Why is Mexico interested in making the passage of these illegals even easier? What is going to be the ultimate result of this border crisis?


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