CNN Interview with RT Anchor Explodes: Chris Cuomo vs Peter Lavelle

Peter was trying to get Cuomo to have a presentation of facts. Cuomo was evading it and instead making claims based on (oft-repeated CNN talking points) conjecture and not evidence.  A reporter needs to question both sides of the coin. We need FACTS, Not assumptions.  Obama is back to using youtube for this investigations on international incidents, has he not learned thats not a good idea?


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The Wall Street Journal reported in its article, “Russia Presents Its Account of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Crash,” that:

Russia’s Defense Ministry on Monday presented its first detailed account of the final moments of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, saying Russian radar had spotted a second aircraft in the vicinity shortly before the crash and that satellite imagery showed Ukraine had moved missile systems into the area before the incident.

Russia has shown a great deal of evidence directly contradicting the West’s baseless claims. Now it’s time for the Pentagon to show the world their pictures and data along with their explanations.

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Today US officials are telling Associated Press that their intelligence suggests Malaysia plane shot down has no link to Russia.

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