Disease Expert Warns Muslims Plan’s to Make Dirty Bomb Containing Ebola

A Cambridge University disease expert warns that terrorists are planning a dirty bomb containing the Ebola virus, even planning to send Muslim suicide teams in the public to spread the disease. They may travel in planes, go into crowded shopping malls, then it spreads from there.Muslim on plane

Speaking to The Sun, biological anthropologist Dr. Walsh says that the risk should be taken seriously of terror groups getting their hands on the Ebola virus, one radical Muslim group was suspected of collecting bodies of the dead in Africa last week.

A bigger and more serious risk is if Muslims manage to harness the virus as a powder, then explodes it in a bomb in a highly populated area. It would cause a large number of horrific deaths.

Walsh states that Muslim terrorist are trying to harness the virus out of west African nations where the outbreak is prevalent.

“Only a handful of labs worldwide have the Ebola virus and they are extremely well protected. So the risk is that a terrorist group seeks to obtain the virus out in West Africa where it is out int he open, uncollected bodies are a true risk.

This scenario could “cause a large number of horrific deaths.

It is a threat that is taken very seriously.

Ebola has no vaccine or antidote. However, to American missionaries Brantly and Writebol were given an experimental treatment last week, according to international relief group Samaritan’s Purse. Brantly works for the group, and the group originally said that only Writebol got the treatment. Brantly also received a unit of blood from a 14-year-old boy, an Ebola survivor, who had been under his care, according to the organization.



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  1. Though this could be a simple mistake, the way that the headline is phrased seems to equates Muslims with the terrorism. While some terrorist organizations may have several members that happen to be Islamic, the vast majority of Muslims are no more fond of violence or causing harm to others than are the vast majority of people in general. Many Muslims, in fact, are peace-loving, non-violent individuals.

    • Wolfy are you a idiot? There is ONE islam and only ONE, Mohammad the first Muslims was a terrorist, if your a Muslims you think a terrorist is a prophet and most perfect man. Islam teaches all Muslims must be like Muhammad a terrorist, so if your MUslims your a terrorist, if they are not being terrorist they are not being Muslims as their hate Koran teaches.

    • Nobody believes Islam is peaceful anymore. I guess you believe that if you keep saying it we will eventually believe it? We will watch Europe burn for their stupidity of allowing so many Muslims into their countries. So sad. I think they should rearm themselves and do what their politicians are too weak kneed to do.

    • Wolfy, wake up and read some news. which terrorist organizations have only “several members that happen to be islamic”?

      i’ve got news for you: hamas, hezbollah, IS, muslim brotherhood, al qaeda, jamaat al fuqra, etc etc etc are ALL mohammedans, and they don’t just have “several” members who “happen to be” because if you are a non-mohammedan, then they kill you, and they certainly don’t let you join them if you are not a mohammedan. the koran says to terrorize and kill infidels. infidels are anyone that won’t join their death-loving cult of islam.

      there are non-violent people who call themselves muslims. but if they were devout they would obey the prophet’s (pigs be upon him) words and example. they don’t. so it is reasonabl to assume they are “in name only” muslims (all religions have such “members”). but i do not see the “nice” ones decrying the acts of the violent ones, and if they so outnumber the devout (meanies) ones, they should be shouting those bad guys down. the fact is they don’t say a word, so it sounds like even if they don’t do terrorism, they tacitly approve of it.

      only 7% of germans were card-carrying nazis, and far fewer actually were working in death camps, but look at the death and misery the silent complicity of all the peace-loving non-violent germans made possible.

  2. It isn’t viral so let the stupid idiots work on it. It is like Aids passed by contact not through the air. What are they going to make a bomb that shoots out body fluids? Seriously only a stupid backward idiot could think of this.

    • What should be feared is a handshake with people who are infected and probably with hands contaminated by their body fluids.

      If you touch the fluid and again touch your eyes, you will be infected, Dr Opio says.

      To touch or shake hands with an infected person, you need protective gear like gloves. And it is advised that you wash your hands with soap and water immediately after shaking hands with an infected person or a suspected victim.

      Public pay phones
      Most people think there is a possibility of contracting Ebola from a pay phone which has been used by a victim.

  3. I’m not so worried about catching ebola from a payphone as I haven’t seen one of those in years. Do European cities still have banks of payphones from which people wait to make calls from? Or do they just use their cell? And would using a disinfectant wipe on it remove the ebola from the phone?

    I don’t spend a lot of time in populated areas so I’m not terribly worried.

  4. “….the way that the headline is phrased seems to equates Muslims with the terrorism…”

    I agree, Wolfy. How could anyone draw any correlation at all between holding islamic beliefs and terrorism?? I mean, the ignorance and intolerance of so many people!!!

    Like you , I realise the sickening , barbaric pictures we see nearly nightly on the news are of disguised Southern Baptists posing with severed heads, shooting at , crucifying and hanging innocent civilians , men, women and children – simply because they are not Southern Baptists.

    We know their secondary motivation for doing this is to discredit a certain religion popular in the Middle East which holds out that their child-molesting, murdering ‘prophet’ was some sort of enlightened human being.

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