Marine Veteran Slams Obama’s War on Coal

Bankrupt-CoalMarine veteran Shawn Adkins says he’s ready to fight back against Obama’s so-called “war on coal” as it tears through West Virginia. Federal regulations are forcing a coal company to lay off an expected 1,100 workers in the coal-heavy state, stripping away what Adkins calls the “blood and oxygen” of families in the region.

[youtube 0k9cb6NWlZg nolink]

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  1. The issues of burning coal are serious. “Fossil Fuel” robs oxygen from the air and introduces toxicity which creates acid rains that leach heavy metals, lace our food with toxicity which impacts our health and homeostasis. We need energy for short term gains but are producing long term hazard whose price is unbearable. INDIA has produced SOLUTIONS BEYOND IMAGINATION to address this issue of toxicity and can give better fuel efficiency also. I.I.T. Bombay ALUMNI from the U.S.A. need to stop harassing persons with solutions if the U.S.A. is really earnest to successfully address energy issues and climate ‘dance’.

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