Root Cause of Illegal Invasions: Hispanic Racism!

By John W. LillpopAs the crisis at America’s border continues to rage out of control, America needs to find a permanent solution, one that will assure American sovereignty while preserving our  language and culture.Clearly, wholesale amnesty is NOT the answer. That was tried in 1986 with the Immigration Reform and Control Act(IRCA) which was signed into law by former President Ronald Reagan, and which legalized 3-4 million illegal aliens in America at the time.

Since IRCA was enacted, another 20-30 million illegal aliens have invaded America. This population costs American taxpayers over $100 billion dollars a year in public benefits.

Thus, rather than solving the illegal alien crisis, amnesty serves only to encourage even more invasions by 3rd world non-English speaking, unskilled, impoverished aliens from south of our borders.

The current tsunami of illegals from Central America is a direct result of Barack Obama’s stubborn refusal to enforce existing laws.

Democrat politicians in search of a permanent political majority aggravate Obama’s criminal neglect with rhetoric which encourages  aliens to migrate illegally, north, in pursuit of welfare, food stamps, health care, and other parts of the American Dream intended for American citizens.

In truth, illegal immigration is fueled by rampant Hispanic racism which holds that the US borders, the rule of law, and immigration statutes, which apply to everyone else, simply do not apply to Hispanics!

Hispanic racists like Luis Guiterrez and Loretta Sanchez, to name but two, bring hysteria to the fray by demanding that people whom have violated our laws and borders be rewarded for those criminal acts with a path to citizenship!

There is no justifiable reason for ignoring the rule of law, based on race, ethnicity, religion, or nationality.

Hispanics here illegally are no different than invaders whom are not Hispanic…they should be subjected to the full measure of the law.

Further, contrary to the foolish beliefs of former President George W. Bush, being “hard-working and good hearted” is not enough to warrant unlawful entry into America, and that of his brain-dead brother Jeb who believes that “Love” causes aliens to invade America.

Both Bushes are imbeciles, unworthy of being taken seriously on this issue.
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In summary, eradication of Hispanic racism by Hispanics and democrat politicians is essential to solving Americas long term immigration crisis.That can only be solved by firm actions to secure the border and deport illegal aliens en masse, regardless of ethnicity, race or nationality.

The last thing America needs is for our out-of-touch community organizer to arbitrarily issue “Executive Orders” in order to circumvent the rule of law and dishonor the balance of powers set forth in our Constitution.

Hispanic racism, not conservative hate, is the problem!

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