Amateure Obama Unknowingly Gives Putin the Winning Cards

The Ukrainian protests began on Nov. 21, 2013, back then Russia blamed the U.S. and the EU for the violence and called for peace, somehow Putin is now to blame for this whole mess.  It was Obama and the European leaders who were supporting the riots and called for “Democracy” while Molotov cocktails were being thrown at Ukrainian elected officials.

 Obama and the EU supported the opposition in Kiev, but they may have have thought the whole thing through very well. The EU listening to the amateure and clown Obama and that  will lead to big problems for the EU.

As protests roiling developing countries have spiraled into government collapse and, general instability, and genocide of Christians in the Middle east, the capture if Iraq from ISIS and Islamic radicalization, in the case of Ukraine, it lead to a civil war.

Europe has acquiesced to Obama’s drive to war with Russia, a war that is likely to be the final war for humanity. By Russia’s low key and unthreatening response to Obama’s aggression, thereby giving the West the mistaken signal that Russia is weak and fearful, the Russian government has encouraged Obama’s drive to war.

It appears that the Russians’ greatest weakness is that capitalism has raised enough Russians to a comfortable living standard that the war that Obama is bringing to them is scary, and they want to avoid it in order to continue living like decadent Western Europeans.

Russia now faced with economic sanctions, essentially illegal and warlike actions, applied to various Russian individuals and businesses by Obama and Obama’s EU puppets and by Switzerland, a country taught to be more fearful of Washington than of Moscow, Russian President Putin has asked the Russian government to come up with countermeasures to be implemented in response to the gratuitous sanctions imposed against Russia.

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Russia threaten to hasten a move away from the dollar that’s been stirring since the global financial crisis.

One place the shift has become evident is Hong Kong, where dollar selling has led the central bank to buy more than $9.5 billion since July 1 to prevent its currency from rallying as the sanctions stoked speculation of an influx of Russian cash.

Trading of the Chinese yuan versus the Russian ruble rose to the highest on July 31 according to the Moscow Exchange.

The crisis created a rethink of the dollar-denominated world that we live in,” said Joseph Quinlan, chief market strategist at Bank of America Corp.’s U.S. Trust, which oversees about $380 billion. “This nasty turn between Russia and the West related to sanctions, that can be an accelerator toward a more multicurrency world.”

But currency issue is not Obamas only problem, reports are you today that the Italian economy has shrank in the second quarter, according to an official estimates. This was a huge  surprise to economists  provoking concern that violence in Ukraine and tension with Russia could be pushing the broader eurozone back into recession.  This will not help Obama keep Europe on his side as the surprise decline dashed hopes that Italy, the third-largest eurozone economy after Germany and France, was finally emerging from a decade of stagnation.

Analysts surmised that the strained relations with Russia as well as turmoil in the Middle East had undercut demand for Italian exports, in particular fashion and other luxury goods.

“Russia is important for Italian exports, as is the Middle East,” said Martin Lueck, an economist at UBS in Frankfurt. “There must have been an impact.”

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Italy’s economy is only the tip of the iceberg, the amazing thing is Russia, not Obama or the impotent EU, that holds all the cards. Putin can bring down the economies of Europe with ease and throw all of Europe into political and economic chaos simply by turning off their energy supply.

Putin would not have to turn off their energy supply for very long before Europe begs mercy and tells Obama good-bye and comes to terms with Russia. The longer Putin waits, the longer Europe has to prepare against Russia’s best weapon that can be used to peacefully resolve the conflict that Obama has orchestrated.

Obama’s aggressive moves against Russia will not stop until Putin who holds the winning hand; plays them. The world has had enough of Obama and his  constant lies, his radicalizing the middle east, and his bullying.

That is precisely the position that Vladimir Putin is in with regard to Europe. In one hand he holds the ruin of Europe. In the other peace and freedom in the relations between Russia and Europe. Without Europe Obama cannot push for war any further.

Putin needs to call up the dumbshit European “leaders” and tell them now.

If Putin does not put his foot down hard and make clear to the Europeans what the stakes are, Obama will succeed in its determination to drive the world to war, and “exceptional and indispensable” Americans will die along with all the rest.



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