Obama Inexperience & Arrogance Endanger World!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama, once considered the “smartest man in the world,” at least in his own mind, took the Oath of Office for the US Presidency with little or no practical experience, a serious shortfall aggravated by a naïve belief that his personage was the repository of all ideas and moral standards needed to run, and simultaneously save, the world.

His immature, childish views of the world were buoyed by a superego and world-class narcissism which tricked the Community Organizer into believing press clippings issued by an adoring mainstream media, anxious to replace a bumbling, stumbling, war-mongering, white cowboy from Texas with an ultra-liberal black who could be counted on to usher in an era of peace and socialist utopia which would rid the nation of Caucasian capitalism, an evil which had wrought generations of slavery, racial discrimination, income inequality, unlivable wages, and other dire circumstances for all but advantaged white Republicans.

According to Obama, he knew the “right thing to do” in all aspects of American life from war, to the economy, to civil rights, to illegal immigration.

He had all the answers and with the mandate received from the America people in November, 2008, he would march forward to “fundamentally transform America” in a way that would reflect his values and expectations.

America’s new president wasted little time.

After shamelessly accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009, but before becoming familiar with the location of White House bathrooms nearest to the Oval Office, Obama immediately pounced on GITMO, the house of horrors created by President George W. Bush to detain terrorists captured in Iraq and Afghanistan, AND used by the US to interrogate and, allegedly, torture evil Islamic soldiers dedicated to destroying America and Israel in the name of Allah.

He would shut GITMO down, he declared, before giving intelligent thought to how to house the most deadly men in the world.  Details could be worked out…his mission was to stop the carnage visited upon terrorists in order to curry favor with Al-Quaeda and the Islamaofascist elite around the world.

As of today, GITMO still stands, although Obama has managed to release individual agents of the devil, most of whom have picked up the banner of terrorism in order to resume their religious war on modern civilization.

President Obama also let it be known that the Iraq war, which he called America’s “dumb” war, was a sad relic from the woeful days of the Bush 43 presidency, and as such, would be abandoned with all due haste.

On this, Obama brought the very best surrender and retreat minds in the Democrat Party together and crafted the end of the Iraq war in December, 2011.

Another great foreign policy triumph for Obama, enthused the mainstream media!  VP Joe Biden even called Obama’s Iraq policy a “great achievement” that would be a sterling legacy item for generations.

Less adoring voices, however, warned that the US retreat from Iraq would leave a power vacuum in the middle east that would eventually necessitate further engagement by the US military to combat Islamic terror.

Those warnings, unheeded, proved prophetic when Barack Obama, without apology or regret, “authorized” the use of military force (bombing) in Northern Iraq to stymie efforts by ISIS to bring genocide to 40,000 innocent minority folks who refused to accept Islam as the only true religion and whom were sentenced to death for such impertinence!

And so it is, that Barack Hussein Obama has been forced to admit that when it comes to “dumb,” his simplistic, naïve policies are the real culprits in Iraq!

And the man has not even had the class to return his Nobel Peace Prize!

Obama’s faulty judgment and lack of American enlightenment is responsible for mismanaged engagements, or near engagements, in Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan.

His “reset” folly has restarted the Cold War with Russia, a dangerous situation that could escalate into a hot confrontation at any time.

So, when it comes to the role of Commander-in-Chief, Obama has been a total failure.

So, too, are his domestic ventures which include the onerous ObamaCare night mare, crisis at the US-Mexico border, and a myriad of serious scandals.

By his little lonesome, Barack Obama has all but demolished American faith and trust in government.

His truly has been a global failure!

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