Roller Blinds or Roman Blinds?

Most of the time, when decorating a home, a roman blind or roller blind can both be used with equal degrees of success on the same window. Of course, although this fact can give homeowners a wide range of option, it can also make it difficult to plan and decide on the perfect purchase.

Perhaps the most important thing to think about when selecting the ideal blinds for any particular room in the house, is the function. What that means is to consider where the blind is going to be used, and whether the location demands any particular performance requirements. Consider how much light you would like to be allowed to ‘leak in’ by the blind that you choose. Roller blind systems typically give the best performance when it comes to light exclusion.

Think about the benefits of each option

From a functional viewpoint, it is important to consider the room that you are planning to install the blind in. For example, if you are choosing blinds for your kitchen, then the chances are you are going to need a material that is waterproof, easy to clean, and simple to maintain. Cleaning roman blinds that have been placed in a kitchen can be quite challenging, whereas roller blinds are usually somewhat moisture resistant.

However, if you are choosing a blind more according to the kind of look you would like to achieve in the room, then Roman blinds are often made of softer fabrics, offering a more luxurious appearance than roller blinds, which generally provide a functional look. Roman blinds are often used more regularly within the bedrooms and living rooms for this reason, although you may benefit from selecting a blackout lining for the roman blind in your bedroom if you want to reduce the amount of light you receive.

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