St. Swisher Sweet and the Lies That Set Ferguson on Fire

By Tim Dunkin:  By now, probably everybody in America has heard about what happened in Ferguson, Missouri. A racist white police officer, driven by racial animus, chose a random African-American kid to harass, a confrontation which eventually resulted in the police officer shooting this unarmed kid in the back.

The innocent perfect child, named Michael Brown, was a “gentle giant,” large in size as well as heart, and was just a week away from going to college and making his economically deprived community proud. His community rallied together to protest the unjustified shooting, only to be set upon by racist police who provoked the protesters to defend themselves by rioting and looting.

Or at least, this is what you would believe, if you only got your information from the news media and were too credulous and gullible to question what you were hearing.

The problem with the narrative above is that it is completely and utterly nonsense. As the days following the events of that fateful day unfolded and more and more evidence came to light, those who were pushing this narrative have had one egg after another thrown at their faces.

As it turns out, just moments prior to his confrontation with Ferguson P.D. Officer Darren Wilson, Brown and an accomplice had just strong-arm robbed a convenience store, taking a box of cigars (the kind used to make so-called “blunts” for smoking marijuana), and brutally manhandled the much smaller store clerk who tried to stop him from leaving. We found out that the key eyewitness to the shooting, the one who said he was right there and saw Brown brutally shot in the back in cold blood as he ran away, was the very accomplice who had just helped him rob the store, which obviously drops the story’s credibility to nothing. Pictures of Brown’s body lying in the street showed him laying face down on his stomach—with not a single bloody bullet hole showing on the back of his very white shirt. Of course, the story about Officer Wilson attempting to reach up, while sitting in his police cruiser, and grab the 6-foot, 4-inch, 290+ lb. Brown by the neck to pull him through the window of the police car made absolutely no sense, from the standpoint of both tactics and simple physics. Far from being the “gentle giant” the media made him out to be, pictures on social media depicted a gangland wannabe, flashing signs at the camera while spouting the typical rap-driven garbage.

The police officer involved has injuries to his face consistent with being attacked by Brown. The officer’s story that Brown assaulted him and tried to take his gun (which is legal justification for lethal self-defense by a police officer in every single state) certainly rings more true than the media-driven narrative of events. The officer’s story is further corroborated by a conversation between two witnesses at the scene that was captured on tape, and which seems to suggest that instead of running away from the police officer, Michael Brown actually ran toward the officer in an attempt to “bum’s rush” him. This is further supported by the autopsy results which show that Michael Brown was shot six times—all from the front, none from behind.

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Ferguson is a media circus, a cavalcade of lies by the left-wing opinion-makers masquerading as “objective” journalists

What we are seeing take place in Ferguson is a media circus, a cavalcade of lies by the left-wing opinion makers masquerading as “objective” journalists. In the same way that the media hid facts, invented stories, and otherwise tried to fan the flames of racial tensions in the Trayvon Martin shooting case, so they have done here. It’s like the news media want race riots, looting, and all the rest to break out. Of course, these make for a better story than does a simple case of a thug living the thug life and justly getting a thug’s reward in return.

But as it is turning out, the media are not the only ones feeding lies into this story with the hope of getting racial tension, animosity and division of the American people out of it.

Our own federal government appears to have been in on the act from the start. Within hours, the federal government was involved, so its agents had available to them all of the information that we’ve now been seeing come to light. Why is it that much of this information has only now been made available? Because Eric Holder’s “Just Us” department and the federals on the ground were leaning on local police officials to suppress information damaging to the narrative, such as the video of Brown and his friend robbing the store. Rather frighteningly, the federal government appears to have been purposefully hiding evidence that would damage the “justifications” (such as they are) for the rioting and looting, rather than helping to stop this lawlessness. It’s almost like Eric Holder and his gang want an excuse to intrude themselves in using bogus “civil rights” charges against the police who were just trying to do their jobs.

To nobody’s surprise, as soon as news of the events in Ferguson started coming out, race-hustling charlatans like Al Sharpton started descending on the city like vultures, ready to decry “yet another” case of an innocent young black man being killed by the police. Rather than helping to calm things down and bring actual evidence to light, all Sharpton and his crew did was to contribute to further rioting and looting by means of their idiotic race-baiting, even as their narrative fell apart. The same can be said for the New Black Panthers and the Communists who also showed up to “lend their support to the protesters.”

Then you have the folks who are trying to blame the rioting and looting on the police, because they wore scary camouflage uniforms while trying to contain the violence or something. I choose to blame the rioting on the rioters, and the looting on the looters. Anyone who has read my writings on the police knows that I am not a fan of the militarization of the police, with the “tanks” and automatic weapons trained at “civilians’” heads and all that. But you know what? In this particular case, this type of rioting and general lawlessness is why they have this equipment. While I certainly disagree with rolling in an MRAP and sending in a fully militarized SWAT team to serve a warrant on a non-violent offender, which happens thousands of times a year all across the country, at the same time, I have no problem sending similarly armed and equipped officers to deal with people who are robbing and burning down businesses, shooting at reporters and at police helicopters, physically assaulting anyone of the wrong race that they can find, and generally engaging in civilly destructive mayhem.

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Perhaps the most insidious of all the lies that have contributed to what we see going on in Ferguson, however, are the endemic, on going ones that have been fed to America’s black communities for decades.

A warning to the reader—what follows is going to be some pretty stern criticism of what has been going on in America’s black communities for years. The ignorant, the foolish, and the stupid will accuse me of being “racist” because they don’t like hearing the truth. But I assure you, I am not racist. In fact, if the African-Americans in these communities would give heed to what I am saying, they would find themselves greatly benefited by it. I say what I say in the hope that it will be heeded and therefore will help them.

Blame for Ferguson and other riots has been placed on “institutional racism”

Blame for Ferguson and other riots has been placed on “institutional racism,” that America just has a system which is so stacked against black Americans that they will never be able to overcome the obstacles and make it in the world. This is complete, utter nonsense. Completely. Utterly. It’s a cop out. It’s a lie that has been fed to generations of people so as to keep them dependent upon liberals and the Democrat Party. The fact that it is a lie is shown by the fact that there are many, many successful African-Americans out there—doctors, lawyers, engineers, writers, scientists, business-owners—who have made it in life. But all the role models out there for this who are in the public eye—people like Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, Allen West—are derided by liberals; and race-baiters like Al Sharpton as “sellouts” and “oreos” for doing the very things that the Left tries to tell African-Americans that “endemic racism” is keeping them from doing! Don’t you see what is going on? Racism is not “keeping you down,” LIBERALS are. They tell you that you’ll never be able to make it in life, and then they try to destroy in your eyes the very people who proved them wrong. It’s a scam, and the bulk of the black community in America is the mark.

Why do they do this? To keep you voting for them, that’s why. By making you dependent on them, they have made you subservient to them. African-Americans are at the bottom of the totem pole in the hierarchy of who the Democrat Party and liberals care about and cater to. If there’s a disagreement between African-American desires and those of the gays—the gays will win. If there is one between African-Americans and illegal aliens, the illegals will win (ask yourself why the Democrats are so keen on importing millions of low-wage illegal aliens who are taking jobs primarily from African-Americans). Black Americans are at the bottom of the heap, but are convinced that they “need” the handouts that the Democrats offer, so they keep voting for Democrats, who in turn keep them “in their place,” perpetuating the cycle from generation to generation.

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African-American community plagued by “pastors” who do not preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but who instead peddle a nasty mixture of social “justice” theology, racial grievance-mongering

The African-American community is plagued by “pastors” who do not preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but who instead peddle a nasty mixture of social “justice” theology and racial grievance-mongering. The Gospel changes lives after it saves the soul. This Gospel, unfortunately, is being held back and hidden by too many of these “pastors” (which church is the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson over, again?). In its place is a “gospel” of grievance, hate, anger, bitterness, envy, coveteousness, and blaming others. Instead of encouraging personal responsibility, it forbids it, and replaces it with blaming “whitey” and shifting blame to everyone but the ones who refuse to do anything to break the dependency cycle and lift themselves out of poverty.

Black Americans are told the lie that they have to riot and commit violence if they want to get what they want. Yet, this is self-defeating. We hear complaints from black America’s self-appointed spokesmen about the “food deserts” in many of our nation’s inner cities—places where there simply aren’t enough stores available to supply the needs of the residents for groceries and other necessities of life. This is a problem that could be solved by solutions proposed decades ago by conservative Republicans like Jack Kemp, such as enterprise zones and other incentives for businesses to move into inner cities, providing jobs and services. But let me ask you a question—what potential business owner in their right mind would start a small business in a community when he or she knows that it could be looted and burned to the ground in the next riot? By listening to the voices of hatred and violence, African-Americans in many of these communities have allowed the very conditions they decry to be created in the first place.

Just as with Trayvon Martin—another thug who was nevertheless lionized as the epitome of childlike innocence (and who was nicknamed “St. Skittles” by those who knew that the media narrative about him was utter nonsense)—Michael Brown was no angel, despite the attempt to deceive Americans about the events in Ferguson. Brown—whom I guess we can call “St. Swisher Sweet” – committed a crime and then proceeded to escalate the severity of his encounter with the police by initiating violence and attempting to mortally harm the officer with whom he was dealing. Michael Brown died not because of “white racism” or “racist police,” but because he made stupid choices and lived a lifestyle that finds its bases in the self-defeating lies told to him by his community and its leaders.

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