Israel-Basher Appointed to Lead UN Inquiry of Gaza War

The UN Haman Rights Council’s inquiry into Operation Protective Edge got off to a bumpy start with the the announcement that the probe would be conducted by three investigators: Canadian Professor William Schabas (the inquiry leader), Amal Alamuddin (a Lebanese lawyer better known as George Clooney’s fiancee , who declined the council’s  invitation), and Doudou Diene (a Senegalese legal expert).

UN Watch called on Schabas to recuse himself from the inquiry, documenting a veritable laundry list of prejudiced statements, including calls for Benyamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres to be indicted for crimes against the Palestinians. Israel scoffed at the UN’s “kangaroo court” and Schabas scoffed at the critics.

William Schabas
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William Schabas

Pro-Palestinian activists formally announced plans to break the blockade of Gaza with another flotilla. Contrary to earlier reports, Newsweek writes:

The coalition will attempt to breach the blockade without military assistance, insisting they have “not asked for military escort, have no intention to, and will not sail with a military escort”.

Featured image: Schabas via YouTube/RobertHJacksonCenter

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