Obama Will Set Country Completely on Fire With Executive Amnesty on Labor Day

On the Friday broadcast of “The McLaughlin Group,” columnist Pat Buchanan predicted that President Obama would grant amnesty to illegal immigrants via executive order by Labor Day and that such an action would “set the country completely on fire.”Pat buchanan

After Washington Examiner Chief Congressional Correspondent Susan Ferrechio argued that “Democrats could gain from Hispanic voters turning out, especially if the president decides to take key executive actions in this summer that would help Hispanics who are here in the country, perhaps living here illegally. That could boost popularity for the party,” Buchanan responded “executive amnesty will set the country completely on fire. I do agree, it might get out the Hispanic vote, but you will have red state Democrats denouncing the president for doing it, for engaging in unconstitutional action. It would be a tremendous firestorm which would really polarize the nation.”

At the end of the show, when asked for his predictions, Buchanan said “Barack Obama will do some kind of amnesty for the illegal aliens by Labor Day.”

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  1. Obama’s “legacy,” will be known to history as a full-blown frontal assault against the white race and the republic for which it stands.

    Any honest discussion of race by the “cowardly” white man, must bring this reality to the fore, by fingering a classic misfit of the age, who would do incalculable harm to the American people.

    There is no “rational middle ground” in the debate for national survival or the ensuing fire storm, which would be generated by a tyrant far greater than King George III.

    Damnatio Memoriae is the only promise this Great Imposter, Obama, will receive in the annals of time.

    “Publicly condemning Obama is no different than any other kind of calling out wickedly unacceptable public behavior. Barack needs to be disciplined and put in his place…”


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