False Narratives from Leftist Spin Doctors!

By John W. Lillpop

The presidency of Barack Obama has seen an unprecedented and unseemly proliferation of nonsense, screwball ideas, purposeful deceptions, and outright lies; all orchestrated by administration officials with the dedicated aid and comfort of brain-dead liberals in the mainstream media.

Among the more outrageous of the false narratives originating in the Oval Office are these:

( )The funeral of Army Maj. General Harold Greene, a white man and the highest ranking American officer to be killed in the Afghan War, did not warrant attendance by the Commander-in-Chief; whereas, the President has rightly ordered three White House officials to attend the funeral of Michael Brown, the African-American youth slain in Ferguson;

( )“Phony” scandals involving Benghazi, the IRS, and others have failed to inspire sustainable interest at the Department of Justice; whereas, the shooting death of Michael Brown has caused AJ Eric Holder to correctly launch an intense federal civil rights investigation and to become personally involved in the hunt for “justice,” against white police officer Darrel Wilson.

( )As political and military crises rage in nearly every corner of the globe, the President is under severe pressure to remain cool and calm; he must be the “adult” in the room at all times! Thus, it is only right that the President use golf, dancing, billiards, and other public diversions as often as necessary to maintain the famous “Obama Cool” for which all Americans can be thankful—whether they like it or not!

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( )Use of Executive Orders to change the law without Congressional review and consent is completely Constitutional and the morally-correct thing to do when Republicans refuse to implement the president’s progressive agenda, which was mandated by the American people;

( )If you like your doctor and health care plan, Obamacare guarantees that you can keep them. PERIOD.

( )The Constitution provides for the use of a cell phone and pen by the President when unilateral action is warranted by obtuse Republicans in Congress;

( )The war on terror is over. PERIOD.

( )Confronting the Islamic State in Iraq with the use of deadly force is the “right” war, made necessary by W’s “dumb” war;

( )The Iraq war(s) is among the grandest achievements of the Obama administration;

( )The “inherited” Bush depression ended as a result of the Obama-inspired “Summer of Recovery”;

( )The U.S.-Mexico border has never been so secure;

( )The world has never been less violent;

( )Covering 30 million heretofore uninsured people with ObamaCare will lower overall health costs, improve the quality of health care, and eat away at the federal deficit;

( )Bankrupting the coal industry and other environmentally-objectionable businesses is a legitimate function of the federal government and the EPA, and is so stated in the Constitution;

( ) Conservative icon Sarah Palin is a blithering idiot without the native intelligence of a Mama Grizzly, whereas liberal Nancy Pelosi is a brilliant moralist whose spiritual insights into abortion and gay marriage would be of immense value to the Catholic Church, if only the Pope and Fathers of the Church would listen;

( )Death Panels, as required in ObamaCare, are urgently needed to help GOD manage the explosion of life-death decisions attendant with the aging of baby boomers;

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( )Barack Obama is uniquely qualified by virtue of intellect, judgment, and temperament to lead America past hundreds of years of bitter racial rancor and into the “Post-racist” era;

( )Paying higher taxes is the patriotic thing to do;

( )Tea Party members are bigoted racists, whereas members of the NAACP and La Raza are color-blind patriots who constantly promote racial diversity and tolerance;

( )Mexico is a valued and trustworthy ally of America;
( )Voter fraud exists only among Republican candidates and voters; whereas, public service volunteers like those affiliated with ACORN are vital to protecting the right to vote, without regard to superfluous details like registration, immigration status, criminal background, and other unconstitutional pap designed solely to disenfranchise people of color;

( )Money is the antithesis of Democratic elections, except when an inexperienced, but wealthy, community organizer needs $750 million dollars or so to promote the audacity of hope and untold trillions in unneeded CHANGE:

( )There are “only” 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S, each one of whom contributes heavily to America’s economy, homeland security, language, and culture; and

( )Health Care reform is a BFD!

So there!

John W. Lillpop
San Jose, California

Posted in Freedoms.